Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Manyu Youths Decorate Buea Mayor 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Mayor Ekema crowned 'Light ,honourof Manyu Youths'

Mayor Ekema crowned ‘Light ,honourof Manyu Youths’

Youths of Manyu Division, Southwest Region have honoured the Mayor of Buea with the title of ‘’The Light, the Honour of Manyu Youth’’.

Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge was conferred the title on October 11.

The award was bestowed on the municipal authority under the leadership of the Manyu Youth Cultural and Development Association.

According to the National President of the Youth group, Julius Ako Ndip, they were spurred by the development strides of the Mayor.

The Manyu youths also expressed gratitude to the Mayor for other interventions under his reign that have benefitted humanity.

Reports on the Council’s facebook page state that ‘’ the stream of awards conferred on Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge nation-wide since he took over the command baton of the Buea Council in 2013 are far from over’’.

The occasion which took place at the esplanade of the Mayor’s Molyko residence saw the participation of Council staff, friends and hundreds of Manyu youths.

James Moh Mbangyuy reacting on the Council’s social media account appreciated the Manyu Youths for honouring the Mayor.

Another observer, Steve Mbake, said the efforts of the Mayor attracted the Manyu youths to recognise him. Mbake further writes that, Ekema’s development agenda has entered the annals of history.

Ivo Ajang urged Mayor Ekema to use the recognition as a stepping stone to bring basic amenities and more development to his people.