Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Mayor Lambasts Gov’t For Neglecting Bafut Cholera Victims 

By Chris Mbunwe

Bafut Mayor, Abel Ngwasoh Langsi, has lambasted Government, saying it is regrettable that the attention being given the cholera pandemic in other areas in the country by the powers that be is not being given in Bafut.

The Mayor said his council has done everything up to its elastic limit to assist the District medical service in containing the disease. Langsi was speaking at the weekend to Government officials and a delegation from the National Community Driven Development Programme, PNDP, at the validating ceremony of the Council Development Plan.

He said it was unfortunate that Government was validating the Development Plan at a time the cholera epidemic "is ravaging our Subdivision." Cholera outbreak was first reported in Bafut on May 14, and after recording 62 cases with 5 deaths, it subsided until June 15, when the epidemic resurfaced with 26 new cases recorded and one death, bringing the total to 98 cases and 6 deaths.

Langsi recalled that a fortnight ago, when the Minister of Public Health was receiving oral rehydration salts from Plan Cameroon for the fight against cholera in the country, "he enumerated all the affected areas but omitted Bafut and the Northwest Region." 

In reaction, the Assistant Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Mezam, Henry Kombeng, prescribed strict hygiene rules to be respected, and assured the population of Government assistance to the cholera victims.

Talking about the Bafut Council Development Plan, he emphasised good governance and effective decentralisation. It should be noted that PNDP has financed all council Development Plans across the Northwest Region.

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