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Mayors, Deputies Thank Councillors, Promise Development 

By Peter Adi Fonte — Recently elected Mayors of Councils in Bui Division, Northwest Region, have expressed gratitude to Councillors, for the confidence bestowed on them and promised to bring development in their various councils.

At Nkor Council, for instance, Francis Kongnyuy Wache, the Executive Editor of The Post Newspaper beat Omer Yungs Nfi and John Kila Kinuse by 17 votes to five and three votes respectively to be elected Mayor of Nkor Council. He will be assisted by Eveline Kinyuy Tata and Pius Bambo Kiney, as First and Second Deputy Mayors.

In his post-election speech, Wache thanked the Councillors for the confidence reposed in him and his Deputies. He said his victory was dedicated to his deceased parents, adding that before his father died he predicted that he, Francis Wache, will one day rule Noni. At Oku community hall in Elak, the incumbent Mayor, Jerome Ngum Njioh, defeated Eliasu Sunjo by 34 votes to 17 to emerge Mayor.

His four deputy Mayors were elected on a consensus list by 25 Councillors while 15 Councillors abstained. The first, second, third and fourth Mayors are Stephen Gwagsi Njung, Ndum Assumpta Sumenang, Quinta Bongjioh Bih and Timothy Taal. The election, which was supervised by the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui, Theophile Nzeki, was witnessed by a special envoy of the CPDM Central Committee, Senator Zachariah Awanga.

The Mayor-elect, Jerome Ngum Njioh, in his speech, thanked God for the free and fair outcome of the election. He thanked fellow Councillors for the confidence reposed in him and his assistants. He called for team work and asked those he wronged to forgive him and correct him when he goes wrong.

At Kumbo Council, the incumbent Mayor, Donatus Njong Fonyuy stood election for the post of Mayor with Councillor Pius Baye Lukong and defeated him by 35 votes to six. All his former four Deputy Mayors were retained: First Deputy, Margaret Lukong Beri; Second Deputy, Paul Fai Sunjo; Third Deputy, Jaff Njibring Shinyuy and Fourth, Ibrahim Yufenyuy.

The SDF party was represented on the occasion by Hon. Esther Ngala, while Shey Lawrence Tasha, who attended the occasion, though of CPDM party, said Njong is not a Mayor for the SDF but for all the people of Kumbo. He said those who lost the election should remain open and dialogue with the winners for the development of Kumbo. He told Mayor Donatus Njong to ensure good roads, electricity and water for the citizens. The Mayors and the Deputy Mayors of Mbiame, Nkum and Jakiri Councils were elected on October 17, during the first meetings of these Councils.

The incumbent Mayor of Mbiame Council, Fidelis Fonyuy Bernsah, was re-elected by acclamation. His First and Second deputies, Dr. Mrs. Lola Kamayang and Mounbain Abdou were elected on consensus list. Mayor-elect Fonyuy Bernsah, while thanking the Councillors, told them that they have made the right choice by voting the CPDM party to continue to develop Mbiame. He said their mandate will be that of consolidation of their achievements.

Senator Fon Teche, who represented the Central Committee of the CPDM at the occasion thanked the people of Mbiame for being loyal to the party. At Nkum Council, Suila Aruna Kidze, who has served in the Council executive in various capacities since 1996 and was the Second Deputy Mayor in the Nkum Council from 2007 to 2013, beat Rudolf Ngah Foncha by 28 votes to 7 votes to emerge Mayor.

The First Deputy Mayor is Hilda Baye Burinyuy; 2nd Deputy, Cyril Ayori Njobam; 3rd Deputy, Kosho Brendam Jaff and Fai Isaac Yufenyuy is the 4th Deputy Mayor. For the Jakiri Council, Jaff Romanus Verkijika, a one-time Mayor of the SDF Council, was elected without opposition. He will be assisted by Ophelia Suilareng as First Deputy and Romanus Kinfoi Wirgham as 2nd Deputy Mayor.

First published in the Post print edition no 01472

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