Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Mbah Ndam Decries Corruption In SDF Elections 

By Chris Mbunwe

Deputy Speaker at the National Assembly, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam

Deputy Speaker at the National Assembly, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam

The Deputy Speaker at the National Assembly, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, has expressed regret at what he describes as vote-buying, smear campaigns intended to run down rivals, blackmail, slander and other ills rocking SDF re-organisation elections.

The Senior Legal Counsel of the SDF said these are the same ills the party has rebuked the ruling CPDM party for embracing.

Speaking as guest of honour at the Mezam Divisional Conference that held on Saturday, October 8 in Bamenda, Mbah Ndam cautioned all the candidates vying for Regional SDF Elections billed for October 22 to obtain the party’s constitution, or else they risk being disqualified if proven guilty of their acts and evil deeds contrary to what the party stands for.

“I am also the leader of a re-organising team elsewhere, but what I see happening is scandalous and will not help us move forward as far as these elections are concerned, especially here in the Northwest.

We must be very careful, because you should not be embarrassed that some candidates will be fired after it has been proven that money was used to buy candidates and that they are authors of those injurious text messages planted on social media,” Mbah Ndam said.

He said these electoral malpractices that the SDF has been condemning to the world and have taken the party hostage cannot be taken lightly.

Without naming names, Mbah Ndam said if there is sufficient evidence of corruption, disqualification will be the sanction. He exhorted the electorates to vote competent people who will deliver the goods.

On the side-lines, Mbah Ndam sympathised with those who lost their lives during the launching of the SDF, and are still dying for the party, especially its National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi.

“From the spirit I have seen in Mezam today, if we don’t allow ourselves to be derailed, we are going to recapture all the Parliamentary, Senatorial seats and Councils that slipped into CPDM,” Mbah Ndam said.

The representative of the SDF National Chairman, Hon. Chief Paul Tumasang, MP for Santa Special Constituency, praised the Mezam SDF Divisional Coordinator, Stanley Fuh Numfor, and his new team for a hitch-free re-organisation.

“This is the first-ever SDF Divisional Conference we are witnessing in Mezam and the National Chairman has advised that they should remain focused, mobilise socialists youths and women to champion registration of potential voters to register so that they vote during national elections,” Hon. Tumasang noted.

He said the candidates for Regional elections should carry out the exercise in peace without rancour so that the best are elected, “because Cameroonians are relying on the SDF as a government-in-waiting to save them from the misrule of the Biya regime.

Mind you, we cannot be strong when we are in camps. The re-organisation is readjustment so that we select leaders that will usher us into national elections.”

Tumasang said Fru Ndi holds that the youths are industrious, intelligent and the SDF wants them to blend all of this to ensure continuity in all spheres as they prepare to take over.

He said the party must continue to fight for complete biometrics – from registration of voters, voting and proclamation of results and the putting in place of a single ballot paper.

The SDF Northwest Regional Chairman, Hon. Evaristus Njong, said the party in the Northwest is waxing strong and lauded the presence of Mbah Ndam, whom he said is a strong pillar of the party in Parliament.

“Let me inform you that for several years, Mbah Ndam has defended the party and his incisive arguments make our opponents look like fools. If Biya hears Mbah Ndam is out of Parliament, he will sleep and snore.”

Fuh Numfor reiterated all Parliamentary, Senatorial seats and Councils lost to the CPDM must be regained.

“If the “Voma Juju’ in Bali that came out and terrorised the population to vote CPDM values its life, it should not dare in 2018 else it will end up in the hands of the Mezam administrators,” Numfor warned.

The Mayor Bamenda II, Fidelis Awah Balick, host of the Conference, emphasised justice, development and peace if the party must continue to survive.

He said the party members should shun victimisation, self-aggrandisement and be prepared to reconcile with each other.