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MBIDA President Knighted 

By A Correspondent — The Fons of Mbinon AGM/Fundraising in Noni Sub-division, Northwest Region, recently knighted the Mbinon Development Association (MBIDA) President General, Willibroad Nformi Bime, Nform Nkwanti meaning External Development General.
Willibroad Nformi knighted during the MBIDA 2012 Annual General Meeting where a budget of FCFA 25 million for development projects was adopted.

According to the Fons of Mbinon, Fons Martin Bife and Ndinwa M. Djin, the knighting was in recognition of development projects the MBIDA President and his team had achieved for the village. Speaking at the fundraising ceremony, Nformi said he was happy that the association was making remarkable progress in the domain of development.

He paid tribute to Prime Minister Philemon Yang for assisting MBIDA in constructing two classrooms for GSS Mbinon. He announced that MBIDA had already paid its own quota of FCFA 2 million for the construction of two other classrooms for GS Enjong, Mbinon, as requested by PNDP in collaboration with the Nkor Council.

The MBIDA President singled out the Douala I and Yaounde branches of the association for praise as they each contributed FCFA780,000 and FCFA 712,225 respectively, in the course of the year for development projects. He urged other branches to emulate their examples. Nkor Council Mayor, Shey Michael Kume, lauded MBIDA for its exemplary role in development, saying it made the Council proud.

He announced a cash support of FCFA 1 million. Noni Divisional Officer, represented by William Bongdze, called on the Mbinon people to keep the development flag flying not only by contributing but also participating in development meetings.

Amongst some of the embarked projects for 2013 is a library for GSS Mbinon, Mbinon water extension, equipment of the MBIDA Hall, rehabilitation of the Kuvlu-Mbinon road, assistance to the collapsed GS Nchini building and preliminary works on the Mbinon hydro-electricity project.

MBIDA, it should be recalled, constructed a community hall in 2009 in collaboration with GP-DERUDEP, applied and had GSS Mbinon created by Government in 2010 and constructed two classrooms there. It has also been running a Youth Day Centre as well as Examination Centre of Common Entrance and First School Leaving Certificate Examinations.

First published in The Post print edition no 01403

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