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Medical School Launches Free Diabetes, Prostate Cancer Screening 

By Azore Opio

The Higher Institute of Applied Medical Sciences, IAMS, Saturday, August 15, launched free screening for diabetes, prostrate cancer, obesity and hypertension at its premises in Molyko, Buea, Southwest Region.

Some IAMS staff

IAMS Executive President and Founder, Michael A.G  Boyo, in a speech during a press conference, said the free screening was the Institute’s contribution towards community work.
He said they expect to screen as many as 2000 clients this year for cardiovascular diseases, obesity and prostate cancer.

"Last year we offered 1000 opportunities for free screening but only 200 turned up. This year, we are prepared to screen for cholesterol contents and prostate cancer," said Boyo. The Senior Clinical Bio-chemist and lecturer at the University of Buea explained that obesity is linked to many diseases such as prostate cancer and added that after the tests, those found at risk would be followed up. For those found to be at risk of developing obesity, they would be put on a nutrition programme which the IAMS is working on.

Explaining the causes of diabetes, Marcel Tamanyi, Head of Department of Medical Technology at IAMS, said it comes with age, consuming diets that increase the risk of developing it and it could be genetically transmitted. Tamanyi advised that regular check-ups, at least once a year, could prevent the possibility of developing obesity and even prostrate cancer. The occasion was also used to launch the 2009/10 academic year.

"We aim to professionalize Higher Education with respect to the current University Reforms," said Godfrey Esoh Nji, IAMS Deputy Director of Administration, "we are also preparing nurses to meet international standards, particularly the American market." "We started off with a typical American curriculum. But with the help of British grants, we have been able to develop an inquiry-based learning system with 12 qualified nursing educators; three of which teach at IAMS," said IAMS Founder, Boyo.

"Our vision is to train competent world-class and ethical professionals. In fact, after six weeks of training, our nurses are very useful in any hospital," Boyo added. IAMS started with 20 students at inception four years ago. It recorded a 50-percent drop-out. Last year, it enrolled 60 students and saw a mere 10-percent drop-out. This year, the Institute is offering 15 full scholarships and six partial scholarships to meritorious students.By press time, at least a dozen men had done the prostate and diabetes tests.

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