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Meet Babessi Female Butcher 

By Chris Mbunwe

At 33, Mrs. Helen Njoh, a mother of four, has been in meat business as a butcher for three years.


Her meat slab, situated at the Babessi Commercial Street in Ngoketunjia Division, is the busiest especially on market days.  This Reporter met the woman recently on a trip to the area. Mrs. Helen Njoh told The Post that, on Babessi market days she makes good sales and that she can sell about FCFA 50,000 and less on ordinary days.

The impression most men have about her as a female butcher is that she is bold, generous and attractive when she is on duty.  "When I started selling cow meat, most people made fun of me but later, they discovered that I meant business. When I took my business seriously the jokes they made about me ended." 

Mrs. Njoh said she was encouraged to embrace the trade by the husband who is also a full time butcher. Asked whether she slaughters the cows herself, she said the Babessi community is full of Muslims or the Fulanis and the roles are that a Moslem slaughters and "we skin the cow", dissect and take to the market where we sell to customers.  No ordinary man slaughters a cow, according to Muslim tradition."

On whether she can quit this job if given any lucrative job elsewhere, Mrs. Njoh said: "What I am doing is profitable enough and I will not want to go to where you can be dismissed from your job because of this or that reason."  The Babessi population is already too fond of the lone female butcher in the area, but passengers who come to Babessi or stop by for bush meat or fish are amazed when they see Mrs. Njoh at her jobsite.

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