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Mekin Hydroelectric Development Corporation To Boost Energy Sector 

By Sixtus Mbom

The Minister of Water and Energy Resources, Michael Tomdio, has said the objective of the Mekin Hydroelectric Development Corporation is to finance and exploit the central Hydro Mekin and develop the hydroelectric openings on the Dja Basin.

Tomdio said the corporation would as well as finance infrastructure linked to exploitation and stimulate industrialisation, tourism, industrial fishing and other factors of development in the region.

The Minister made the statement as he installed Louis Paul Motaze as the pioneer Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mekin Hydroelectric Development Corporation, and Frederic Biya Moto as the Director of the institution on Thursday, July 7 in Yaounde.

He exhorted them to focus on the immediate objectives of the corporation in order to boost the energy sector in Cameroon and to both work for the amelioration of national energy offers, assure mastery and stability in satisfying domestic energy demands. The Mekin Project has a capacity of 15 MW and the new team has the task to develop the Chollet central hydroelectric centre with an estimated capacity of 600MW.

Tomdio announced that contracts have already been signed for work to be done in this area, including an FCFA-25 billion contract awarded to EPC, and called on Moto to follow up work being done by China National Electric Equipment Corporation which has to be completed within 36 months.

Louis Paul Motaze is the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, while Frederic Biya Moto is a lecturer at the National Polytechnic, Yaounde and an administrator at the Electricity Development Corporation.

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