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Meme Administration Bans Riders From Visiting Newsstand 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Administrative officials in Kumba, Meme Division, have ordered commercial motorcycle riders to stay away from the lone city newspaper kiosk adjacent the Central Police Station.

A decision in this light is said to be what informed the surprise presence of the Divisional Officer, DO for Kumba I, Roger Safou, at the Kumba newspaper stand in the early hours January 11.

Safou was accompanied to the kiosk by some security officers. The administrator is said to have told the riders to stay away from the newsstand or face administrative sanctions. He is said to have explained to the riders that the action is not meant to deny them access to information, but that the riders should avoid crowding in front of the newspaper stand. The administrator advised the riders to get copies of their choice newspapers and leave to read them elsewhere.

After the surprise visit, scores of commercial motorcycle riders who had clustered in front of the kiosk dispersed. A few others were spotted meters away from the newsstand discussing topical issues in the news. Recent discussions during such impromptu gatherings have not been unconnected to the different developments associated with the Anglophone Crisis.

Though the reason for such administrative action has not been clear, The Post gathered that it falls in line with measures which the Meme administration thinks will contribute to enhance public peace and order within this crisis period.

Security sources indicate that, often times, the riders park their bikes indiscriminately and cluster around the newspaper stand. The consequence, our source said, is the occurrence of road accidents which could be averted if such gatherings are controlled.

It is not the first time administrative focus has touched on life around the Kumba newsstand. In the early days of the current sociopolitical crisis in the Anglophone Regions, the newspaper vendor and manager of the kiosk, Calvain Djoukeu, came under attack from some riders.

Their grievance hinged on a decision not to display newspapers outside like it obtained in previous years. Through the period when the measure was implemented, the crowd that gathered in front of the kiosk diminished. It surged recently again to proportions that attracted concern within administrative circles.

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