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Meme Briefs: Man Fined For Having Sex With Goat, Quarter Head ‘Dethrones’ DO 

Meme Briefs

Man Fined For Having Sex With Goat

A man in Wone Bakundu Village, whose name The Post could not immediately get, has been fined after he was caught in a sexual intercourse with a pregnant goat.

The man, in his early 30s was fined a goat[not the same goat], crates of beer and some traditional items. The village traditional council arrived at the sanctions after it heard the matter from an eyewitness.

It is reported that a woman stumbled on the man in a bush while he was sexing a goat. The woman in question is said to have recognised the man and shouted his name, but the man was said to be lost in emotions.

Reports hold that the man only regained consciousness when the woman touched him. The woman is reported to have been attracted to the scene due to strange sounds the goat was heard making.

The wife of the man is said to be nursing a few months old baby.

Man, Woman Banished Over Adultery

 A man and a woman are reported to have been beaten to near death and evicted from Malende Village on the outskirts of Kumba after news of their adulterous act made rounds in the locality.

Information is reported to have gone viral that the adulterous woman collected the dress of her husband and took it to a witch doctor for incantations to terminate the husband’s life at the request of her boyfriend.

Eyewitness recounted that a cross-section of villagers got angry at the action and descended on the duo beating them to near death.

The alleged adulterous woman is said to have found solace at a health facility at Three Corners Fiango, while the man is said to have headed for an unknown destination.

Quarter Head ‘Dethrones’ DO

The Quarter Head of Besingi Quarter in Konye, Southwest Region, Samuel Bah, took his population aback when he interrupted elections of a new youth leader, stating that he is above the Divisional Officer, DO, in rank when it comes to quarter matters.

It is reported that over 60 youths who had gathered to vote proceeded with the exercise after waiting for the DO of Konye who resides in the same quarter in vain.

The Secretary General of the Konye Council, Marion Nganga, is reported to have asked the youth to proceed with the election in the absence of the Quarter Head and the DO.

Bah reportedly surfaced a few minutes later threatening whoever that ordered the youth to go ahead in his absence.

He is reported to have told them that when it comes to the administration of his Quarter, even the DO who resides in the area takes instructions from him.

He reportedly asked why the youth could not wait for him the same way he sits at the Grandstand to wait for the arrival of the DO during public ceremonies.

Shortly after the elections, which saw Marvin Anya defeating Raymond Fongang by 36 votes to 20, a free-for-all fight broke out leaving most of the participants wounded.

17-year-old Biker Survives Mob Justice

 A 17-year-old boy, whose only name The Post got as Oponde, survived a mob action in the early hours of April 9 in Konye after he was allegedly caught attempting to escape with a stolen bike.

The Brigade Commander of Konye, Augustine Asaha, is said to have intervened and rescued the suspect from angry youth at the verge of using tyres to burn the suspect.

Asaha is said to have rescued the suspect and taken him to the Brigade where he is still behind bars pending investigations

Oponde from Dikomi Bafaw Village and two others from Kombone Bafaw Village are alleged to have stormed the Ngolo Bolo neighbourhood in Konye scouting for commercial bikes to steal.

Oponde is reported to have stumbled on a bike around 4.00am that Sunday and succeeded in also stealing illicit petrol to fill the tank.

He was reportedly caught headed towards Mamfe around Achamba Plantation. Youths are reported to have stormed the area from where they started beating Oponde back into Konye before the intervention of the gendarme officer.

Compiled by Maxcel Fokwen