Friday, May 29, 2020
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Meme Chiefs To Petition Gov’t Over Insecurity, Death Threats 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Traditional rulers in Meme Division, Southwest Region, are reportedly considering petitioning Government over threats to life and the rising security challenge in their villages, The Post has learnt.

A proposal in this light, The Post gleaned, may feature in the deliberations which the Meme Chiefs are expected to conduct on Friday, January 19, at the Kumba City Council Chambers.

Though convened to elect a new Bureau for the Meme Chiefs Conference, one of the Chiefs who spoke to The Post on conditions of anonymity disclosed that a motion will be raised for a formal petition to be sent to the appropriate administrative quarters over the security of chiefs.

If the motion sails through, the royal fathers may ask Government to strengthen security in certain villages. Other points in the petition may equally focus on how to protect some traditional rulers from the fangs of unknown assailants.

Our source said the murder of Chief Johannes Ekebe Niongo of Ngongo Village on January 12, remains an enigma.

A day after tension ripped through Kwa Kwa Bakundu during the burial of Chief Manfred Tukwa, another set of unknown gunmen attempted to whisk off one more traditional ruler.

Soldiers frustrated the plot of the gunmen and secured the Chief and villagers for calm to return to the area.

Anonymous messages threatening the lives of Chiefs are pushing a number of Chiefs to support that a petition be addressed to Government.

Ever since the threats on certain Chiefs heightened, a number of traditional rulers have taken up permanent residence in the Divisional headquarters of Kumba. Others have reportedly traveled out of the Division promising to return only in two months.

The story is told of a traditional ruler who escaped, forgetting the chargers of his two phones. The pressure from unknown gunmen threatening havoc in Mbonge Subdivision pushed the Chief to escape.

When the conference rumbled off this Friday, a new Chiefs President will be elected from the Bakundus. Thus, Nfon V E Mukete will be expected to hand over to a choice which Bakundu Chiefs will make and present to the assembly.

Yet, fears are rife that internal division within the Bakundu Chiefs may be another challenge that could ruin the process of picking a successor to the Nfon.

The meeting comes after the collapse of one earlier programmed for December 2017. The challenges of getting a written authorisation from administrative quarters back then, pushed the Chiefs to postpone the conclave.

However, by press time, news emerged that the meeting has been postponed indefinitely.