Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Meme SDO Defiant After Kumba Gun Attack 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’oun Ndong, has said despite threats of secessionists’ attacks from unknown persons on security forces, peace must prevail within the Division at all cost.

Ntou’ou Ndong issued the assurance in his first public pronouncement after the attack on security forces in Mambanda on the Tombel-Kumba Road axis on the night of Saturday, December 9.
Speaking on the sidelines of the budgetary session of the Kumba III Council on Monday, December 10, the administrator said whatever it will take for peace and security of persons and property to reign in his administrative unit must be done.

The administrator reassured the population and sued for more collaboration with the security forces and the administration in the face of such attacks.
“Peace will prevail in Meme Division. Go about your activities but for those who think they can come and create problem in Meme Division, we are going to fight. We are not going to tolerate such activities inside our Division. They can try it elsewhere but not in our Division. Traditional rulers, quarter heads take note…. those trouble makers… as son of the soil we welcome everybody, but those who come here to cause trouble…. Observing ghost town activities… we know there are those who engage in activities to feed their families…sensitise the population on peace. Ghost town is not helping us. Don’t continue to observe it,” the SDO appealed.

Teke Must Be Calm
To the villagers of Teke in Kumba III, the SDO said there were just a handful of persons there who want to foment trouble. He enthused that even in the locality, things must work out for good and there must be a return to normalcy.

The administrator made specific comments about the said locality but reassured the councillors from the area to inform the population that everything is on course to ensure that peace and security of persons and property is guaranteed.
It would be recalled that in the evening hours of Sunday December 10, gendarmes stormed the village causing the population to flee.
Travellers along the Tombel- Kumba Road axis were forced to sit inside dust and muddy gutters as the security forces went about raiding Teke Village.

The Attack

Last week end’s attack in Kumba occurred 2km away from the tarred road along the Tombel-Kumba Road.
Security reports indicate that, the four wounded gendarmes were in a pick up when the attackers opened fire on them. It is reported that, the attackers used Kalashnikov guns to effect the attack on the defence forces.

The attackers are suspected to have accessed the town from the Kumba-Mamfe Road axis. Prompt administrative reactions saw the intervention of the army rescue unit which ferried the wounded soldiers into Kumba before they were transferred to the hospital.
Three of the four wounded soldiers are at a military hospital in Douala, while one with less severe injuries is at the Kumba District Hospital.

Interim Kumba Company Commander, Joseph Desire Nguele is among those wounded.
The attack happened days after the security forces swiped two suspects on similar mission along the Kumba-Banga Bakundu Road.