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Menchum Fons Install First Divisional Messenger 

By Peterkins Manyong

The Fons of Menchum have chosen one of their elite to serve as their messenger. He is Clement Kum, a native of Weh Village in Fungom Subdivision. Kum, an international businessman, was installed, Saturday, June 27, during a colourful ceremony that took place at the Wum Community Hall. His traditional title is "Wa-toh", which means "Son of the Palace"

News Menchum Fons’ messenger (in suit) flanked by his two wives and some Fons

Justifying the decision, Menchum Fons’ President, Rtd Colonel Bob Thomas Ebua, said Kum was a true son of the palace because he has been of immense importance to Menchum Fons.
As Wa-toh, Kum will act as a liaison between the Fons, conveying messages from one palace to the other," the Menchun Fons’ President said.

He said the newly chosen "Wa-toh" has been useful since the reorganisation of the Menchum Fons’ Union last October. Thanks to the "Wa-toh", he continued, Menchum Fons were able to make contacts with Northwest members of Government and some embassies during a recent visit to Yaounde.

Besides being described as a hard working and committed Menchum son, the Fons said Kum is humble, respectful and very generous. Reacting to his appointment, Kum said he was overwhelmed that the Fons should have so much confidence in "the son of a peasant". He said he didn’t know how the Fons came by the decision, but quickly added that it was destiny. He thanked God for keeping his parents alive to see that great day.

The new Menchum Fons’ messenger drew tears from many eyes when he pleaded to whomsoever he had ever offended to forgive him and also promised to forgive all those who ever offended him. "Let us reconcile at all cost in order to serve Menchum better," he pleaded.
Other issues discussed during the Menchum Fons’ meeting included a captaincy dispute in Bu, one of the villages of Menchum. The Fons promised to do everything within their power to settle the dispute amicably.

They also regretted the disunity in Menchum, where petition writing has reached its summit. Because of this disunity, they said, the Division has been without a Minister for too long. The Fons called on government to review their status and on those Fons that are yet to join the Menchum Fon’s Union to do so.

To combat the skyrocketing unemployment in Menchum, the Fons called on the youth to embrace agriculture. "Government can’t employ everybody" the Fons cautioned the youth.
Menchum SDO, Mohamadou Haman, and collaborators hailed the Fons for the good work they were doing to promote unity and peace in the Division.

The Menchum administration was all praises for Kum whom they described as a very level headed and kind hearted person. Speaking to The Post after the occasion, NOWEFU President, Fon Francis Aneng, said a NOWEFU meeting would take place Saturday, July 11 in Bambui.

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