Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Mendo Ze May Soon Be Arrested 

This follows claims from the Higher State Control that he embezzled huge sums of State funds.
After examining his financial records during his tenure as CRTV boss, the Budget, Discipline and Finance Committee of the Higher State Control linked Mendo Ze with the embezzlement of close to FCFA 2.7 billion.

The committee, chaired by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Higher State Control, David Siegfried Etame Massoma, said Mendo owes the State Treasury and fined him FCFA 2 billion. The statement was a logical conclusion to the investigations of the committee that began studying the former General Manager’s file last month.

While studying the file, the committee discovered that Mendo Ze used huge sums of money on matters that had nothing to do with the mission of CRTV. The report indicates that Mendo Ze had virtually transformed himself to a philanthropist. He portrayed misdirected charity by sharing several FCFA millions to Ministers, Parliamentarians, politicians and friends.

It is rumoured that Mendo Ze may want to put back the money in the State treasury in order to be free. But experts say he has already committed embezzled, thereby contravening the penal code. They say he will be prosecuted irrespective of whether he pays back the money or not.

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