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Mendo Ze Trial Begins December 8 

By Basil K. Mbuye

The trial of erstwhile General Manager of Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV, Prof. Gervais Mendo Ze, with Jean Marie Akono Ze and 10 others, will begin on Tuesday, December 8, at the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde.

Mendo Ze and co-accused are indicted for misappropriating the sum of FCFA 15.3 billion.

Mendo Ze was arrested on November 12, 2014, and incarcerated on charges of embezzlement while he was CRTV boss from 1988-2005.
In 2009, during the Budgetary and Financial Disciplinary Session, Mendo Ze was charged with 13 management errors worth FCFA 2.6 billion.

The former CRTV GM was sacked in 2005. That same year, he was appointed Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Communication with no assigned duties. However, two years later, a minor cabinet shake-up by sent Mendo Ze out of Government circles.

The news of Mendo Ze’s imminent arrest ran wild and in November 2008, the Examining Magistrate of the Yaounde High Court summoned him in relation to embezzlement charges.

In January 2009, the Supreme State Audit after grilling Mendo Ze found him guilty of the 13 management errors, some of which included undue authorization of benefits to some personnel of the State corporation, engagement of expenses not previewed in the budget of the corporation and which had no links with his mission, award of contracts without the knowledge of the competent commission, disbursement of undue funds to the tune of FCFA 155 million and the unjustified payment of executed contracts with money more than the initially agreed amount in the contract.