Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Mental Wife Flees Palace 

By Lydie Yuri

CameroonPostline.com — Guikoro, a village near Benakuma in the Northwest Region may be geographically and politically obscure. But then, when it comes to traditional and economic wealth, this village that is nestled between the Southwest and Northwest Regions is rich, very rich. It is rich in livestock and cereals, the bulk of which is sold in neighbouring Nigeria on account of the very poor road network linking this locality to the rest of Cameroon.

The traditional ruler has reportedly put a prize on the head of one of his runaway wives. He is ready to pay as much as tenfold in cash and kind, the amount that he spent as bride price on one of his many wives to anyone who “successfully captures and returns” the treasured damsel to the palace.

A community radio station monitored from Manyu Division reported that the Queen, Violet Bate Bate, a mental case disappeared sometime ago. According to the report, someone might just have taken advantage of her schizophrenic state to “catch and be eating of the royal bearded meat”. Quoting a palace page, the radio station said Violet Bate Bate, disappeared from the palace some six years ago and has not been seen ever since.

The page said by the time of her disappearance, she was behaving as if she was suffering from dementia, that the Chief apparently was acquainted with this fact, and that this latest in his collection of wives was well known to be weird and hostile towards the traditional ruler and his other wives. What has not been explained, so far, is why the sudden eagerness to get back the lady in question into the palace cage, after many years of apparent indifference.

First published in The Post print edition no 01454

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