Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Mentor’s Foundation Resolves To Curb Illitracy In Cameroon 

By Andrew Nsoseka

The Mentor’s Foundation, aBuea-based NGO, has engaged in the fight to curb illitracy by making education accessible to people at every strata of the society.

The initiative was undertakenin February 2016, when the organisation was created for the sole purpose of enhancing access to the type of education that impacts the society.
The organisation has over the months gained momentum with thousands of youth benefiting from it activities through workshops and seminars.

Recently, the organisation rallied over 2000 students from various educational establishements to a one day symposium were they were coached onstrategic leadership and the oppurtunities available to them upon graduation.

The ceremony which took place at the campus of Summerset Bilingual College, according to the Chief Executive Officer, Paul Agbor Agbor, falls in line with the organisation’s objectives of constantly enriching youth with knowledge capable of impacting not just their lives, but that of the nation as a whole.

The one day event held under the theme: “Strategic leadership and organisational performance.”
The event, which had as guestspeakerPeter Ngu Tayong, from the Havard University,was attended by a representative of the Regional Delegation of Youth Affairs and Civil Education, the Chief Executive Officer of the Noela Lyonga Foundation, and the entire educational community in the Region.

Speaking to the press after the ceremony, Paul Agbor Agbor, said “… we took upon ourselves to completely eradicate illiteracy in Cameroon, thereby contributing our quarter to the development of our nation and the attainment of our emergence come 2035.

“We have since 2016, offered free holiday classes to students sitting the GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels and equally have fully funded the registration of most of these students.
As at 2017, 600 students in Buea had benefited from our educational aid scheme.

“Today, we have undertaken a new step which is to drill youths with professional knowledge for it is only through the professionalisation of our educational system and the reshaping of our mindset that we can rise above our current socio-economic level.”
The organisation plans to extend beyond Buea, as it grows, in order to reach more young people and communities in the near future, so that its impact is felt in most parts of the country.