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Meta Fons, MECUDA To Visit Clan Head 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Fons of Meta land in Mbengwi Sub-division have agreed to sink their differences and accompany members of the Meta Cultural and Development Association, MECUDA, to visit the clan head of the Meta people at Zang-tabi, on December 18.

The visit will be part of the activities of this year`s annual General Assembly of MECUDA.
The decision was one of the resolutions they adopted at a meeting the Fons held with the MECUDA President General, Louis Angye Teboh, at the association`s headquarters in Mbengwi on December 4.

The meeting was the initiative of the MECUDA President. The Post learnt that the meeting came up within the backdrop of long standing disagreements between some Meta Fons, a situation which had reportedly degenerated to a point where camps had emerged among the Fons.

It was a situation which also affected the activities and projects of MECUDA, as some Meta Fons either supported or were lukewarm to activities or development projects of the association, based more on the positions of their different camps. The main objective of the meeting, The Post learnt, was to bring back the spirit of solidarity and unity among Meta Fons, so that they can also be able to speak with one voice, especially on matters of general interest. 

Meanwhile, at the Mbengwi meeting, the Fons discussed wide ranging issues including the relationship between the Fons and their wellbeing, the relationship between the Fons and their subjects and the local administration.

Conflict Resolution Committee

One of the resolutions adopted at the Mbengwi meeting was the setting up of a committee to look into the protracted conflicts involving three Meta Fons. It was decided that the President General of MECUDA should be the Chairman of that conflict resolution committee.

While congratulating the MECUDA President General for the initiative to organise a meeting with the traditional rulers, the Fons expressed the wish to have such meetings with the head of the development association of the entire Meta land, at least once every year. They also encouraged the President General of MECUDA to visit the palaces of the 31 different villages of Meta, for a one-to-one discussion with the Fons, so as to understand the major problems of the different areas.

The Fons also pledged their support to all major activities and development projects of MECUDA. They were impressed with the rehabilitation and extension work going on at the MECUDA headquarters and decided that each of them should make a modest financial contribution to the project. The Meta Fons who attended the meeting included the Fons of Guneku, Tugi, Ku, Njindon and Njimetu.

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