Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Methodist Church Joins Fight Against Climate Change 

By George Arrey Agbor

The United Methodist Church in Cameroon, UMCC, in collaboration with Global Action for Sustainable Development, GASD, has planted close to 1000 trees in the Den of the Indomitable Lions’ garden at Ewoue opposite the Accropole Bakery in Yaounde. Rev. Pastor Victor Ayuk handed over the green site to the Government Delegate of the Yaounde City Council, Tsimi Evouna, on September 25.

Coming on the heels of the Global Climate Week, Rev. Ayuk said climate change is the greatest challenge to human beings as there is likely to be a destabilisation of the massive ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. Therefore, more than 250 million people will be displaced worldwide. Hence, the Church of Christ has to join the fight to protect the environment.
GASD Coordinator, John Achuo, who provided all the trees, said all come from the Dja Reserve Forest in the South Region. He said his NGO is ready to contribute in the fight against climate change as well as the destruction of the ozone layer. 

Receiving the new green garden on behalf of the Government Delegate to the Yaounde City Council was the Chief of Service for Public Gardens and Parks, Clement Onana. Onana thanked the authorities of both the NGO and The Methodist Church of Cameroon for the collaboration and said it was a sign of partnership which is going to better the lives of the Yaounde inhabitants. He said the Yaounde City Council will support all public as well as private initiatives that go a long way to protect the environment, thereby uplifting the betterment of the Yaounde City dwellers.

Present during the ceremony were the Divisional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife for Mfoundi Colonel Alexandre Ehongo, Director of Forestry in the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, Johannes Tarkang as well as some local Municipal authorities. The Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife planted 2000 trees in Mfoundi Division last year and will by the end of this year plant the same number of trees in order to fight against deforestation.

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