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Mfoundi Elite Want Betis Jailed For Embezzlement Freed 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Onambele Zibi

Members of the Association of Patriarchs of Mfoundi in the Centre Region have called on President Paul Biya to order for the release of Betis languishing in jails for economic crimes against the State.
The Patriarchs argue that, after setting some of the Anglophone detainees free, the President should do same for their Beti kith and kin.

The memorandum to Biya, published in a local tabloid, La Tribune de l’Est, of September 5, is signed on behalf of the patriarchs by Emile Onambélé Zibi, who claims to be representing the legal executive of the indigenous Patriarchs of Mfoundi.

They observed that a couple of days ago, the President decided to free the Anglophone detainees who, at times, are at odds with the Republic.

“This decision, unanimously greeted, proves that you are the father of the prodigal son that the Bible recounts. Quick to forgive and slow in anger, you are indisputably a great patriot and a rallying force; anxious to ensure equity amongst the people and citizens as well as unity of our dear and beautiful country, Cameroon,” Onambélé wrote.

Hailing President Biya, the Patriarchs stated that, even if the grievances of their Anglophone brothers are justified, “they (Anglophones) have, at times, due to little misunderstandings, given room for the situation to go out of hand.

Questioning the historical character of the sealed unity of our country is a serious act that cannot be explained.

Insult, desecration of our emblems and above all, the burning of the flag of the Republic are acts also as serious as declaring the partition of the ever-united Cameroon. You are a father, you have forgiven them!”

Admitting that some of their compatriots, sons of Mfoundi in the Centre Region have also been found guilty of acts condemned by the law, the Patriarchs described Biya as a “visionary patriot who has resolutely engaged Cameroon on the path of modernity and towards economic emergence of the country in 2035, despite the unfavourable international challenges…

“Certainly, those found guilty of economic crimes are to be blamed. All have to be [blamed] without discrimination,” Onambélé stated.

The memo, whose undertone smacks of blackmailing the President of the Republic, recalls to Biya that Cameroon is moving towards crucial elections that are determinant for the future of the country and that of the regime he heads. It notes that external enemies with their internal collaborators increasingly constitute a threat on a daily basis.

“His Excellency, the voice of forgiveness that you have chosen has been inspired by God. For the unity of the Cameroonian people around their head is more than the world’s army put together. Some of our compatriots have already benefitted from your clemency.

We, Patriarchs of Mfoundi, are respectfully, through this note, therefore, equally submitting the cases of our brothers who are still deprived of liberty and who remain your sons. Unity and peace in Cameroon cannot be achieved without Mfoundi and the Centre Region

“Inspired by God, you decided to forgive. We know that this forgiveness will extend to all your sons. Again, rallied around our ideas of unity and equity, we would sufficiently be strong to win the fight against poverty. The Patriarchs are the voice of the people and our legitimacy is established.

It is from there that we respectfully took the permission to address this letter to you that the Cameroonian people have chosen,” Onambélé concluded on behalf of the Mfoundi Patriarchs.

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