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Mgr Nkuo Drums Support For Catholic Education 

By Willibroad B. Nformi

Against a backdrop of poor enrolment in Catholic Nursery and Primary schools due to an increase in the fees of the 2009/2010 academic year, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kumbo, Mgr George Nkuo, has appealed to Catholic Christian faithful to come to his assistance.

This appeal is contained in a Pastoral Letter that was read in all churches in the Diocese that include Bui and Donga/Mantung Divisions of the Northwest Region, Sunday, August 29.
"In the 2008/2009 school year, in spite of the increase in fees, we registered an enrolment of 2,956 pupils in our 55 nursery schools as compared to 3,264 kids in the 2007/2008 school year. In the 114 primary schools throughout the Diocese of Kumbo the enrolment dropped from 19,048 pupils to 14,764 pupils," states the Pastoral Letter.

The Bishop paid tribute to all the stakeholders who have spared no efforts to ensure the sustenance of Catholic Education. "It is thanks to your generous and outstanding support that we have been able to forge ahead in our humble endeavours to promote Catholic Education in all communities of the Diocese of Kumbo," reads the Bishop’s letter. He said the increase in fees was intended to ensure self-reliance of the schools.

In an effort to improve on the quality of teachers in Catholic schools, the Bishop said, an in-service training programme have been instituted since 2009. He said a total of 968 teachers have benefited from the training programme. The Bishop, in his letter, paid special tribute to Grade One teachers "who out of conviction for the survival of Catholic Education have turned down numerous opportunities to be recruited by the government where they could earn better salaries and further their own personal development and that of their families".

Mgr Nkuo, proprietor of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Kumbo, however, in a satisfactory note, states that with the increase in fees, teachers’ salaries have been paid up to about 60 percent. Justifying why parents should choose Catholic schools, the Bishop mentioned the essence of moral and spiritual formation of young Cameroonians in a bid to produce credible men and women of tomorrow’s Cameroon. He made a fervent appeal to ex-pupils and students of Catholic schools to support their alma mater.

"The image of a school is propagated by the performance and attractive behaviour of its current and past pupils/students. It is therefore important for both current and past pupils/students to speak well of their school and to play an active role in its progress, as individuals, as members of a particular batch or as an association of ex-pupils/ex-students" appeals the Pastoral Letter.

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