Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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MIDEPECAM Budgets FCFA 1.420 B For 3-Years Performance Programme 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

The Artisanal and Maritime Fisheries Development Authority abbreviated in French as MIDEPECAM, has projected its 2018-2020 performance programme budget at FCFA 1. 420 billion.

The information was disclosed to reporters by the Director of MIDEPECAM, Dr. Samy Tambi Ako, during the institution’s 24th Board meeting in Yaounde on January 11
The Board meeting was presided at by the Board Chair, Dr. Taïga, who is also Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, MINEPIA.

Dr. Tambi said FCFA 540 million is allocated for 2018; FCFA 440 million for 2019 and FCFA 440 million for 2020.
To him, the programme will be funded during that period partly by income generated by MIDEPECAM projected at FCFA 1.020 billion and the other part through subventions from the technical and financial supervisory authorities to the tune of FCFA 400 billion.

The funding, projected at FCFA 735 million, it was stated, would assist in realising investments for the growth of the company as contained in the master action plan while FCFA 685 million would ensure the smooth functioning of services for the 3-years period.

Talking specifically about the 2018 budget which stands at FCFA 540 million, Dr. Tambi said MIDEPECAM is expected to generate FCFA 340 million representing 62.96 percent while subventions awaited is evaluated at FCFA 200 million giving a 37.04 percent. Of that amount, FCFA 295 million representing 54.63 percent will go to boost the necessary investments of the company while FCFA 245 million giving a 45.37 percent is allocated as the functioning budget.

Dr. Tambi said the resources allocated will go more to assist farmers operating in the sector in reinforcing their production capacity, procurement of inputs for artisanal fishing as well as the completion of the construction of the headquarters of the company.

According to technical documents on the company handed to reporters, the organic text of MIDEPECAM is expected to be tidied up and this will serve as a management performant tool for the company. The programme described as having a strong macro-economic impact will be submitted for appreciation by the Board.

And if it is eventually put in place; it will handle the financial situation leading to the progressive expunging of social, trade and fiscal debts of the company. Dr. Tambi appealed for the support of the technical and financial supervisory ministry in order to get the outlined action plans realised in the course of the year.

Addressing the board members, Dr. Taïga called on them to diligently look into the 2018-2020 performance programmes in order to bring out the positive critique required so that necessary amendments could be made to ensure effective work by MIDEPECAM. He also called on them to keenly examine the execution of the 2017 budget, demonstrate frankness and fairness in their debates.

MIDEPECAM was created by Decree No 77/363 of 9th September 1977. It is a public industrial and trading company with legal and financial autonomy placed under the technical supervisory authority of MINEPIA.
Its mission as a specialised structure to carter for artisanal fish farmers borders on the construction and equipping of fisheries infrastructures; furnishing and repairing of fisheries materials; conditioning and distribution of fishery resources caught as well as guaranteeing supplies and training of fish farmers.