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Mill Hill Father Retires After 43-Year Service 

By Peter Adi Fonte

Rev. Fr. Peter Watson, aged 76, leaves Cameroon as a Mill Hill Father, after putting in 43 years of service.

During his 43-year service in Cameroon (37 years of in Bui Division), Rev. Fr. Watson held the posts of Parish Priest, Principal, Spiritual Director and that of Vicar- General of Kumbo Diocese.
On April 2, a thanksgiving mass was organised at the Kumbo Cathedral Church on his behalf, where Rev. Fr. Watson himself was the chief celebrant.

Sixty-six priests and the Bishop of Kumbo Diocese, His Lordship George Nkuo, participated at the mass. In his sermon, Bishop Nkuo paid tribute to the Mill Hill Missionary Fathers for leaving behind a vibrant Church in Kumbo.

He regretted Rev. Fr. Watson’s departure from Cameroon back to England, but was consoled by the fact that the Mill Hill Missionary Father gave a new breed of priests to the Church. The President of the Kumbo Diocesan Laity Council, John Kuvinyu, recalled that Rev. Fr. Watson arrived in Cameroon in 1967 and was posted to Kumbo in 1974.

He thanked the Rev. Fr. for the enormous contributions he made to enhance the Catholic faith in Kumbo Diocese and for his devotedness and ability to learn and preach the gospel in the Nso dialect. The Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo I, who grew up in the hands of Rev. Fr. Watson, conferred on him the traditional title of Nformi “agange” meaning war commander for the poor.

Rev. Fr. Watson, for his part, paid tribute to four Bishops he worked with. He said the strong faith of the Christians and their perseverance was a source of inspiration to him. He remarked that Christians are the Church and not the priests who serve the Church.

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