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MINEP Presents Road Map For 2011 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

The Minister of Environment and the Protection of Nature, MINEP, Pierre Hele, has presented the synopsis of the road map of the ministry for 2011. Highlights of the roadmap for 2011 were presented at the Yaounde Conference Centre on Monday, January 10, during the exchange of New Year wishes between the Minister and his collaborators.

In a speech on the occasion, Pierre Hele said in addition to ongoing projects brought forward from 2010, the country would consolidate its position in tandem to that taken by Africa ahead of the climate change summit in Durban, South Africa. In that regard, he said the national adaptation programme to climate change and the preparation of the Mechanism for Reduction of Emissions due to Deforestation and Forest Degradation, REED, would continue with support from the World Bank.

In a similar vein, and within the framework of the post Nagoya-Japan conference on the Convention of Biodiversity, Hele noted that projects to be elaborated would focus on conservation, sustainable management of natural resources, and access to and a just and equitable sharing of advantages of exploitation of the said resources. The Minister also talked of updating the national environmental management plan, reinforcing field structures and completing a fiscal generating study for environmental protection.

Minister Hele assured that capacity building of environmental inspectors and controllers would not only limit to the use of the practical guide but would also be extended to the mastery of the civil and penal procedures for the defence of State interest in court. "Particular emphasis would be laid on the identification missions of best international practices in matters of the environment and acquaintance with national and international texts relating to the environmental law," Hele told his collaborators.

He added that to attain the set objectives, the action plan coupled with directives from the Prime Minister, must be strictly respected. He announced that systematic periodic auto-evaluation of the road map for re-adjustments and necessary mainstreaming would be one of the tasks they have to embark upon.

Meanwhile, in presenting best New Year wishes to Pierre Hele and the Minister Delegate, Dr. Nana Aboubakar Djalloh, on behalf of the entire personnel, the Secretary General in MINEP, Patrick Akwa Kum, also used the ceremony to present the achievements recorded in 2010.

Concerning administration and internal governance, Akwa talked of the setting up of a data base for the ministry which revealed that of the envisaged 594 posts, only 282 are effectively occupied with 314 vacant positions existing. He also talked of the attendance sheet which was effective and helped in monitoring the punctuality of personnel, creation of a website, strict control of expenses, etc.

Other areas, according to the Secretary General, where successes were registered, included domains of sustainable development, environmental policies, supervision, planning and environmental assessment. On sensitisation and environmental education, the training of officials of decentralised services on due consideration to environmental aspects in development projects as well as the production of radio and television programmes to the tune of over FCFA 61 million was mentioned.

The conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity, management of marine, coastal and fresh water ecosystems, fight against adverse effects of climate change, cooperation and reinforcement of partnership were other domains also highlighted by Akwa.
He, nonetheless, observed that despite the global successes in 2010, there were a number of stumbling blocks that hampered the optimal functioning of the services.

He cited inadequate logistical means, insufficient personnel coupled with massive departures on retirement, poor mastery of mission of MINEP by personnel with diverse academic backgrounds, inadequate inspection and control material, etc. He, however, reassured hierarchy of their engagement to respect scrupulously the application of all the directives in 2011.

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