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Minister Atanga Nji Dribbles Cardinal Tumi, Mgr. Kleda 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Cardinal Tumi

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has finally visited Douala.

The Minister arrived the Littoral Region on Monday, April 9, for his maiden official visit to the Region.

Minister Atanga Nji had initially scheduled a visit to Douala on Wednesday, April 4, but his planned visit was called-off at the last minute without any explanation.

In fact, on April 4, many of the local administrative, security, municipal, traditional and political authorities that were supposed to travel to Dibamba Bridge outside the town to welcome the Minister were already at the Bridge when they were informed that the Minister would no longer come.

Archbishop Kleda

Worst still, there was no official explanation to the local authorities as to why the Minister’s visit was cancelled.
Whatever the case, Minister Atanga Nji finally arrived Douala on April 9.

But the planned meeting between Minister Atanga Nji, Christian Cardinal Tumi and the President of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, Mgr Samuel Kleda, was no longer on the agenda.

The Post learnt that the Anglophone Crisis was supposed to be top on the agenda of the Minister’s meeting with the two Prelates.

A source close to the office of the Archbishop of Douala told The Post on April 10 that Minister Atanga Nji wanted to meet with Cardinal Tumi and Mgr. Kleda, but that the Presidency did not like the idea and instructed the Minster to call-off last week’s Douala visit.

Tumi And Kleda Leave Town

Meanwhile, Minister Atanga Nji arrived Douala after Cardinal Tumi and Archbishop Kleda have both left for Yaounde for the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon General Assembly, which opened in Yaounde on Sunday, April 8.
Our source at the Douala Archbishop’s office said Minister Atanga Nji rescheduled his meeting on April 9, knowing that the duo would not be in town.

“There Is Calm In Littoral. But —”

Shortly after arriving Douala, the Secretary of the National Security Council had a closed door meeting with Governor Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, all the SDOs, the DOs and the heads of all State Security Services in the Littoral Region.

Commenting on the state of security in the Region, Minister Atanga Nji said, “There is calm in the Region”.
He, however, cautioned that everybody in the Region must remain vigilant, considering that Douala is the Nation’s Economic Capital, a hub in the Central Africa Sub Region and a road junction in the country. “As such it remains a high risk Region that terrorists and other big criminals can infiltrate at any minute.”

Paul Atanga Nji

Meanwhile, Minister’s Atanga Nji began his working visit to Douala on Tuesday, April 10, with a visit to the headquarters of Ngondo at the Dicka Akwa Palace for a meeting with Sawa Chiefs.

Like all the other meetings that the Minister held, the meeting with the Sawa Chiefs held behind closed doors.
Talking to the press at the end of the meeting, Minister Atanga Nji announced that the Chiefs have called on President Biya to be their candidate in the 2018 Presidential election.

According to him, the Chiefs have pledged their unflinching support to President Biya’s candidature.
Atanga Nji told the press that the call by the Sawa chiefs was “the most important message” he was taking back to Yaounde.

The declaration by the Minister was corroborated by the current President of Ngondo, Senator Chief Madiba Songue of Bakoko.

But some Sawa Chiefs that attended the closed door meeting, and spoke to reporters after the meeting on condition of anonymity, disassociated themselves with the purported declaration of Sawa Chiefs calling on the octogenarian President Biya to be their candidate in the 2018 Presidential poll.

The Chiefs accused Minister Atanga Nji of having manipulated the situation, with the complicity of the current Ngondo President, Senator Chief Madiba Songue.

As for Chief Madiba, the Chiefs said he has his personally interest to protect, in supporting President Biya’s candidature.
That firstly Chief Madiba is grateful to President Biya for appointing him Senator in 2013.
The chiefs said the outgoing Senator certainly want to be reappointed by the President for another mandate and is trying to use the Sawa Chiefs to lobby for this reappointment.

Minister Atanga Nji’s declaration that the call by Sawa Chiefs for President Biya to seek re-election in 2018, raised a lot of criticisms in Douala.

Critics lashed out at the Minister for mixing up his function as Minister and CPDM militant.

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