Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Minister Hails GCE Markers, Prays For Fallen Colleagues 

By Bouddih Adams

Minister of Secondary Education, Prof Nalova Lyonga, has hailed GCE Markers for
their dedicated service and called for prayers for those who have fallen during
the current marking exercise.

Speaking at the GCE Board head office in Buea and the centres where the exams are being marked, during an impromptu visit, Minister Nalova Lyonga, hailed the GCE Exams Markers for braving the odds during the current socio-political tension in the Northwest and Southwest Regions to carry on the marking exercise.
At the GCE Board, the Minister hailed the management and staff for organising and managing the exams.

relation to the fact that she did not inform the GCE Board of her visit, the
Minister said to the GCE Board management and staff: “I could have paid an
impromptu visit and not meet anybody. But I met all of you in place and at
work. I am proud of you. We should keep this going. If anything happens at this
point, then we would have lost it all.”

called for prayers for those two persons who died during this year’s marking
session; William Che and a secretarial worker.

reference to allegations of leakage in exams on social media, Nalova stated:
“We have to make sure that what comes out of social media does not influence us
to change anything. I hail the Registrar for being firm. We have to be cleverer
than anyone else.”

about the quality of education, the Minister said: “It is my hope that the
secondary school student here should be equal to the secondary school student
abroad,” adding, “that is not Nalova’s idea, it is the idea of the Head of

welcoming the Minister, the Registrar of the GCE Board, Dominic Dang Akuh,
said: “So far, everything is going on smoothly.”

Registrar intimated: “We didn’t know that you were coming. But you have come
and met us at work. It teaches us a lesson – to always be ready.”

Registrar hinted that Technical Exams may soon be changed to Professional

Minister later visited the exams marking hall where the marker slumped and died
at Government Bilingual Grammar School, GBGS Molyko and the markers at
Government Technical High School, Molyko.

told the markers: I am very happy with what I have seen. Continue that hard
work. We are almost there. I felt I should meet you and express thanks from the