Monday, November 19, 2018
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Minister Shut Down 75 Clandestine Schools 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Minister Ngalle Bibehe, cleaning the filthy MINSECThe Minister of Secondary Education, MINESEC, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngallé Bibehe, has ordered the closing down of 75 lay private and confessional schools in the country.

Out of this figure, 31 of the schools are found in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.
The schools’ proprietors have been accused of violating legal formalities for the creation and opening of these schools.

The information is contained in two separate decisions No160/16/MINESEC/SG/DESG/DESTP/DEN/BNOEP/CS2 and No 161/16/MINESEC/SG/DESG/DESTP/DEN/BNOEP/CS signed by the Minister.

Some seven Regions have been affected by the decision.

In the Centre Region, 16 schools have been shut down; three in the East Region; 22 in the Littoral; 10 in the Northwest; two in the West Region; one in the South and 21 in the Southwest Region.

In article two of the decision, Ngallé Bibehe instructs Regional and Divisional Delegates of Secondary Education as well as territorial competent Secretaries of Education to enforce the decisions.

Meanwhile, officials of MINESEC are urging parents to be vigilant in order not to register their kids in the clandestine schools.

A complete list of the 31 clandestine schools shut down in the Northwest and Southwest Regions is as follows:


1. Community Secondary School Saki Bui Kumbo

2. Community Secondary School Kwanso Jakiri

3. St. Patrick Comprehensive College Oku Oku

4 Community Secondary School Memfu Nkum

5. Community Secondary School

6. Kwansongdzen Bui Nkum

7. Community Secondary School Takijah

8. Multipurpose High School Santa Mezam Santa

9. Saint John Comprehensive Academy

10. St. Isidore High School (Ndop) Ngoketunjia Ndop


11. Presbyterian Youth Centre Fako Limbe

12. Live Word International College Tiko

13. Bereton International Comp. College

14. Bangem Academy Evening School Kupe Manenguba Bangem

15. Ave Maria College

16. Rohi Comprehensive College Tombel

17. World Wide International Mission College

18. Integrity Comp. Secondary School Ebonji

19. Etam Comprehensive Sec, School Etam

20. Presbyterian Comp. Sec. School Bangem

21. All Saint Comp. Sec. School Bangem

22. Haribicocol Ebonji Tombel

23. Rechefond Seat of Mercy Manyemen

24. Royal Bilingual College Nguti

25. Search Light Secondary School Manyu Mamfe

26. Search Light Secondary School

27. Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School Meme Kumba III

28. PSCC Fiango Kumba

29. Vision Secondary School Konye

30. Christ The King Secondary School Mbonge

31. Apostolic Secondary School

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