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Minister Wants Repressive Unit To Combat Illicit Drugs 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

The Minister of Public Health, André Mama Fouda, has called on the National Drugs Control Committee, NDCC, to put in place a repressive unit within the structure to effectively fight against illicit trafficking and drug abuse.  Mama Fouda made the call in Yaounde, June 24, during a ceremony to mark the 23rd World Day for the Fight Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking.

The Minister said Cameroon has a battery of laws prohibiting the trafficking and consumption of illicit drugs in the country. He noted that Cameroon is a signatory to the convention to fight against illicit drugs and, to back up that move, government created the National Drugs Control Committee.

He observed that the efforts are seemingly not yielding the desired results while urging the NDCC to create a repressive unit in order to concretely tackle the problem as he hailed customs and law enforcement officials for putting up a stiff fight against the ill. He stated that Cameroon, which was once a transit zone for drugs only, has today become a producer, consumer and exporter of illicit drugs. Urban centres, according to the Minister, are today infested by illicit drug peddlers.

He condemned some parents who drug innocent kids by adding banned substances to their food, stating that such drugs negatively affect the children sooner or later on in life. He said children have been caught around school environments consuming illicit drugs, noting that such attitudes are highly linked to the perpetuation of other criminal acts. He told the population that the fight against illicit drugs is the responsibility each and everyone.

Meanwhile, according to a release issued by the Permanent Secretary at NDCC, Dr. Flore Ndimbiyembe, more and more Cameroonian families are today victims or are being affected by the illicit drug trafficking and consumption phenomenon. The occasion which was characterised by choral singing against illicit drugs also had testimonies of some victims who have successfully dropped the evil practice. Law enforcement officials also used the occasion to set some seized drugs on fire.

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