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Ministers, Directors, Military, Traditional Chiefs Seek Deliverance In Buea 

Interviewed by Bouddih Adams — Some people refer to him as ‘one of the wise men of Prophet TB Joshua,’ others the ‘Wise Man of God’, yet, others as ‘Apostle John Chi’. The thing is you find a fleet of cars parked in front of his Federal Quarters Buea residence by many people and their families coming to seek deliverance or healing or shopping for miracles, as it were, from Apostle John Chi.

Government Ministers, Directors and other high government functionaries and military officers, traditional chiefs, business men and women and other classes of the society have been moving in and out seeking deliverance. Meet John Chi, a native of Esu in Menchum Division of the Northwest Region, in the following interview:

The Post: Many people refer to you as Wise Man, Man of God. Who is John Chi?

John Chi: Whether Wise Man, Apostle, Preacher, the important thing is that I am a servant of God; an Apostle of God.

We know your were working with TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria. Why are you back in Cameroon?

I have never left Cameroon. I am a Cameroonian. It is true I went to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, but I have never left Cameroon.

Is your coming back to Cameroon because of a problem with TB Joshua? Is your anointing finished?

There is no problem. I didn’t go to the Synagogue Church of All Nations because of any problem in Cameroon. So why should you think my coming back to the country is because of any problem? There is no problem, I don’t have any problem with the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Is your anointing intact?

Well, the Bible says in Romans 11:29, that God’s gift and calling are irrevocable. Let me take you to the book of 1st John, Chapter 2:27: As for you, the anointing you receive from Him remains in you. And you do not need anyone to teach you, but as His anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit, just as it has taught Him; remains in Him.

So, to talk about anointing; anointing is the coming of the Holy Spirit into a person’s life. When this anointing comes into your life, you change and become a man who is directed by God himself. Not by the influence of others. When this anointing comes into you life, it will enable you, to see what God is looking at, and to know God’s opinion of yourself and others. Going by what happened, I want you to know that situations that seem ordinary, may have extraordinary effects in the spirit, much of which is hidden to the ordinary eye, confirmed from God.

You were one of TB Joshua’s close aides, one of his disciples or wise men. What is your relationship with him now?

Waoh! Excellent! He remains my father, my mentor, in fact, he is a major Prophet. It is a rare privilege to have him as a father and mentor. I thank God for his life.

We hear you have been in Cameroon conducting deliverance on Cameroonians including Cabinet Ministers, Directors and even some 1st Class traditional Rulers?

Well, God has sent me to people of all walks of life, for salvation sake.

How true is this deliverance thing?

You think I have that power to stage-manage Ministers and 1st Class Fons? Can I pay Ministers and Fons to bear false witness? Certainly not!

It is too much to believe, too much to be true.  In whose power do you do this deliverance thing?

It is not my works but my faith in His finished works. The healing and deliverance you see happening here is not brought to pass by anything done by me. It is by grace. In Acts 4:10, the Bible makes us to understand that, when we learn to use the name Jesus! according to the word, in the power of the Holy Ghost, we have the secret which shook the world through the Apostles.

So, I want you to know that the gift of power was extended beyond the initial 12 and the 70; it includes you and me. So once the supernatural power of God comes upon you, you change and become a man who is directed by the heavenly father; by God Himself.

Once the supernatural power of God comes upon you, something is going to happen to you that cannot be explained by the human mind. It may be that God will give you a sound instantly; you may see a vision, you may prophesy, you may heal, you may deliver. But the common thread that runs through all this action is the power of God.

And how did you get to this?

What you see happening today, was prophesied here in Cameroon, far back in 1998. I was a houseboy then. I was moving along the Buea Road in Mutengene and saw a crowd gathered; it was a crusade. I had never attended a crusade; I wasn’t even a church-goer but when I moved into the crowd I heard the preacher prophesy to two people.

Then he came down from the podium and walked towards me and said: “You are a prophet, you will be known all over the world; you will be so great that you will be known all over the world.” So, I went to the Synagogue Church of All Nations and God used Prophet TB Joshua to fulfil his promise in my life. It is not by merit, but by grace.

So, is one born with it, is one initiated into it; how do you become this big Man of God who can carry such deliverance?

I want you to know that the way and manner God Almighty executes His plans in our lives differs. When God is executing His plans in our lives, he also designs and arranges events which will continue to unfold until his purpose is revealed.

We hear you are planning to organise a big crusade in Cameroon; how is that and what for?

That is true. It’s because I know my country and people all over the world need me.

Does that mean you are going to open a ministry or you are going to operate under your mentor, TB Joshua?

Those whom God calls for any service, he makes fit for it. I want you to know that our membership in our local church is merely symbolic. The essence of the true church is Christ in you in hope of glory. Like I said earlier, the way and manner the Almighty executes His plans in people’s lives differs. When God is executing His plans in our lives, he also designs and arranges events which will continue to unfold until his purpose is revealed.

So, will you open a ministry?

By the grace of God!

Can you return to your mentor, if you encounter any obstacles?

Yes of course. I don’t have any problem with my mentor. He will always remain my mentor and my father.

How similar or dissimilar is your own healing, deliverance to his?

Well, my mentor, Prophet TB Joshua and I have a common mandate – to go into all nations and fill the air with goodness of salvation, freedom and redemption.

Do you also dole out money and food as your mentor does? How much have you doled out so far since you commenced deliverance here?

It is not how much you give that matters, but the manner in which you give it.

Are these your assistants the ones you brought from Nigeria or you recruited them here in Cameroon?

Where we come from does not matter, but what matters is, the will of God be done.

It is alleged that you lost your voice for some time. What happened, when and for how long was that?

Yes, I overstressed my voice but the anointing was not affected. 

How is the life of a wise man or man of God; is it prayer all the time? What does your day look like?

Well, prayer to me is the only means by which we take in the life of Jesus and give out the life of Jesus! Along side my prayer life, I love reading.

Is Apostle John Chi married?

(Laughs) For now no; God’s time is the best.

What can you tell Cameroonians?

What I would like to tell my fellow countrymen and women is that there is no other source; Jesus is the only source. We should turn to Jesus.

What prayer do you have for your country?

We pray that God Should bless our political leaders, our corporate and religious leaders, for the peace they can provide and for the gospel to spread under the umbrella of their authority. I pray for the peace of this nation, and I pray that God should heal our land and everyone therein.
Just say the prayer…

I pray that God should restore you back to the original position in which he created you to be. Anywhere you are, distance is not a barrier; the only barrier is the level of your belief. If you believe, it is done. Be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

 How old are you?

I am 37.

You are too young to be doing what you claim to be doing?

No one is too young or too old to qualify for God’s grace.

What is your level of education?

My level of education is preaching the word of God.

How many people have you delivered and for how long?

The work of deliverance and healing are not mine. I am not the healer, deliverer – I know the healer, deliverer; His name is Jesus Christ. Therefore, all boasting is excluded.

We hear so many Government Ministers, General Managers, military men, traditional rulers have come to you for deliverance. How many of them have you delivered?

I have said it all that I am not the deliverer, Jesus is the deliverer. Those who God calls for any service, He makes fit for it. I am sent to people of all walks of life for salvation sake. So, I don’t pay attention to titles.

But the Ministers are in Yaounde, most of the General Managers in Douala, where the money is; why did you instead chose Buea?

It is not about money, it is about salvation, it is about God’s work. Wherever God leads me, that is where I go.

First published in The Post print edition no 01503

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