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Moderator Says Greed, Disunity Threatening PCC 

By Chris Mbunwe — The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Ambe Asana, has identified greed, disunity, lack of self-control and other vices as threats to the existence of the PCC. In a message to over 400 pastors at a pastors’ conference in Ntamulung, Bamenda, Tuesday, September 18, Festus Asana said, “This conference, which is taking place after several decades (30 years), comes at a time of serious uncertainty with high religious competition.

If we must promote unity of purpose in serving God, the PCC must eradicate unethical practices. Where there is no vision, no direction the people perish.” He added: “It would appear a few pastors of the PCC have lost their vision and as such do not live by their ordination vows.” Quoting from John Mill, a writer, Asana said for those pastors who do not use God’s given talents, they turn to imitate. 

“Imitation is limitation, we do not have to just imitate others,” the Moderator said. He denounced recurrent acts of insubordination and lack of accountability, saying some pastors who are unyielding have crafted new ways of making a living at the expense of Christians. The Moderator thanked the Synod for making it possible for all the pastors to meet at the conference. 

He said, formerly, the conference of PCC pastors used to hold at regional levels, but for over 30 years, this was the first time the huge number was meeting for two days to chart a way forward in promoting unity, discuss accountability so as to prevent anything that will compromise the stance of PCC. Asana warned that the PCC will not give room for prosperity gospel or occultism in any of the churches. He expressed the hope that, after the conference, a PCC pastor must be able to look shoulder-to-shoulder at his colleague for the cleansing of the image of a Presbyterian Church pastor.

Prior to the Moderator’s message, Rev. Dr. Perpetua Fonki, in sermon drawing inspiration from Ephesians, admonished PCC pastors to be humble, be each others’ keeper, share their blessings and burdens so that they can profess one love, one faith and one baptism. 
Dwelling on the theme of the conference; ‘Unity,’ Rev. Fonki, Rev. Fonki said “if the PCC collapses or succeeds, we pastors shall be held responsible.” 

She said the cracks on the walls of PCC must be mended at the conference by the pastors.
The Chaplain of the Cameroon Christian University, Rev. Achowa Umeni, qualified the coming together as ground breaking. “This is first of its kind that we are meeting in our great numbers to share experiences. Leaving from here, the church will not be the same again,” Rev. Umeni said.

First published in The Post print edition no 01376

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