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Modern Love: The Things Men Do For Women 

By Carine Bongadu

Women have power. I always say we rule the world, no matter what men think. Men would do the most ridiculous things if they thought it could make a woman consider them fondly for the briefest of moments. Very recently, I was discussing with a good friend of mine when the conversation strayed to men, women and everything in between. My friend, a good-natured, middle-aged gentleman, told me quite honesty that a man will do anything for the woman he loves or wants.

I totally agree on this one. The greatest weakness that man has is woman. If you doubt it, go back to your Bible, the most trusted book on earth and you can verify this. The only man God ever described as "a man after My own heart", David, fell because of a woman. Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, fell because of women. Samson, the most powerful man that ever lived, fell because of a woman. Need I say more?

My friend, Mr. N, told me his story one evening. He said some years ago he was in love with this lady called Maggie. Maggie was the love of his life. When Mr. N met Maggie, she was going out with a rich albeit married man. Maggie said she had been dating this man for a while now, that it was going to take a while for her to break the bond between them. Mr. N said he understood that completely. One month turned to two months, six months, a year, two years, until finally Mr. N decided he had waited long enough for Maggie to leave this man.

Mr. N said during those two years, he did the most incredible things because of Maggie. He would spend entire nights in the cold, watching Maggie and her rich man in her flat. He would meet them going out in the rich man’s car and Maggie would very calmly tell Mr. N that they were going out to have fun. Mr. N would later confront her and she would promise to change, but the very next day, she would be out cavorting with the rich man.

Mr. N told me a series of embarrassing situations he found himself in, all because of the few, rare hours he would get alone with Maggie. "Men can be less than dogs when it comes to women", he concluded.

I could hardly reconcile the man I saw in front of me with the man he painted himself to be in the story. And then I thought of the other ridiculous stories I had heard about the lengths to which men were ready to go for women.

There was this young fellow who knelt down in the middle of the road, in broad daylight, apologising to a girl he caught cheating on him. There was the VIP who was seen brushing his teeth, wearing a loincloth, outside a university student’s room in Buea very early one morning.

There was the poor, struggling, petty trader who gave up every worldly possession he had to send his girlfriend abroad. I remember the unfortunate guy who followed me for hours from place to place hoping to talk to me about his love for me. I remember the taxi driver who, very recently, parked his car for thirty minutes, just waiting to take me to work for free. 

Finally, I remember angels of God abandoning their heavenly home for the daughters of men.
Now, I would not mind being called a feminist, but for the sake of balance, you can expect me to tell you what women for the men they love next week.

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