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Modern Love:The Old Cow Theory 

By Carine Bongadu

There is an assumption that goes by the appellation "The Old Cow Theory". This theory supposedly came up after a little experiment with a bull. The bull was locked in with a cow that he gladly mated with. The next day, that same cow was brought to the bull but this animal refused to go near the old cow.

The old cow was taken away and rubbed with the scent of another cow and then sent back to the bull that still refused to touch the old cow. But when another cow was brought to the bull, he gladly mated with the new cow. The Old Cow Theory, therefore, states that a bull will mate only once, never twice with the same cow.

You may want to use this theory to explain why men find it difficult to stay faithful to a woman. Some men would say, ‘you can’t eat rice everyday. You have to try achu or ndole once in a while.’
I almost dated a guy who compared me to Coke. He was really very charming and knew the right things to say at the right time. I was almost falling for him when he told me he had a girlfriend out of the country. I won’t lie to you, I was disappointed. I told him it was over but he would not understand why. He said that he loved me just like he loved this other girl in the USA and that it was like choosing Coke or Fanta. ‘You may decide to have both if you cannot choose one.’ That woke me up from my happily-ever-after dream.

I sincerely doubt that this guy loved me because he told me about the other girl. Heads up ladies, if a guy tells you he has another girlfriend, know you are the plaything. No matter what he tells you, this other girl is the person he is serious about, not you. You can stay on only if you want to have fun but do not delude yourself by thinking he will get rid of her and keep you.
Anyway, the point I am making is this; guys are always out looking for new cows (women). A man may love one woman, but somehow is not satisfied with what he is getting from her and goes looking for new, not necessarily better, experiences. 

Science explains that men can separate love and sex, but women cannot. When a man mates with woman, he goes home fine. He may enjoy sex time after time with this woman even when he is completely in love with another woman. The woman, on the other hand, starts to bond with the man. There is a certain hormone released in her brain and every time she mates with that particular guy, the effects of the hormone become more and more pronounced until she finds herself attached to this guy. For a woman, it may start off as fun but after a while, love enters the scene.

My good friend Johnnie told me of this older woman he had dated once. The woman had a stinking rich boyfriend who was always out of town. She was so lonely that she decided she needed male company while her boyfriend was out of town. That was how Johnnie entered the picture. The contract was just sex, no feelings. After about six months of ‘just sex’ this lady began to develop feeling for Johnnie. In fact, she got so jealous that she banned him from seeing his girlfriend.

Yeah, I can see you guys jubilating because you think your indiscretions are getting justified through The Old Cow Theory. I am quite sorry – or maybe not, to burst your little bubble of selfish bliss; this theory is for animals, not men.

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