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Moghamos Pledge To Unite, Consolidate Peace 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai & Walter Wilson Nana

CameroonPostline.com — Members of the Moghamo Cultural and Development Association, MOCUDA, resident in Yaounde and its environs have raised over FCFA 1.1 million.

Cross section of Moghamo Fons At cultural jamboree & fundraising

The funds would be used to complete a multi-million Moghamo hall situated at the Mendong neighbourhood in Yaounde. The money was raised at a cultural festival that took place in Yaoundé recently. MOCUDA is made up of some 22 villages of the Moghamo clan in Batibo Subdivision, Momo Division, Northwest Region.

The occasion that saw the participation of some Moghamo Fons, was spiced by cultural dances, traditional fashion parade and the display of traditional dishes. The Chairperson of the occasion, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, hoped that by the end of the year, all must have joined the fold as he expressed the belief that all the problems keeping some kith and kin out of the group could amicably be resolved in the house.

He stated that the construction of a Moghamo hall in Yaounde has become a reality thanks to the seriousness and commitment of the present MOCUDA executive. In a welcome address, the President of MOCUDA Yaounde, George Tangeh Werengong, paid tribute to fellow pioneer members of MOCUDA who braved all odds to make the association what they are celebrating today.

“We honour them not only because they are guardians of our unity, but because they embody the spirit of service; a willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves,” Tangeh stated, adding that such a spirit must remain amongst all MOCUDA members. He said MOCUDA Yaoundé now made up of 13 family village meetings, currently has a membership of over 1000 registered people.

With the motto of the association “Unity is Strength,” Tangeh called on other villagers still hesitating to join the fold to do so as he reminded them that “people come and go but institutions remain.” Meanwhile, in Mutengene, MOCUDA elements in Littoral and Southwest Regions, dubbed Coastal Zone, resolved to unite.

At the MOCUDA Coastal Zone annual cultural festival and fundraising ceremonies that took place, recently, at the esplanade of the Catholic Primary School in Mutengene, Pius Tekum Nwati, President of MOCUDA Coastal Zone, challenged his kith and kin to foster the spirit of togetherness. Tekum told them to be patriotic and continue to be hard working people. “We must be peace crusaders in our respective neighbourhoods, respect the local administrative authorities where ever we are,” he said.

The MOCUDA Coastal Zone Chair enjoined his brethren to take their development efforts beyond where they are settled to their villages too. “We should not forget where we are coming from. As we participate in the development of where we are based, we should remember our village of origin is the final place,” he noted. “We should actively participate in our development activities back home,” Tekum added.

After 2010 in Douala, 2011 in Kumba, Mutengene hosted MOCUDA Coastal Zone in 2012. At the close of the day’s activities, Limbe was designated host for 2013, where the funds raised thereafter will be used to get a piece of land for the construction of a MOCUDA hall in Limbe.
In Mutengene, FCFA 1.2 million was raised. This money will be used to complete their MOCUDA hall.

For the first time at the Mutengene cultural festival, a MOCUDA Coastal Zone scholarship award scheme was launched. Some sixteen meritorious pupils and students, cutting across primary school pupils to varsity students, received scholarships ranging from FCFA 10,000 to FCFA 50,000.

Dr. James Mbah, Chair of the MOCUDA Coastal Zone Education Committee, said the scholarships have come to stay, urging all the branches of MOCUDA to forward a list of their meritorious pupils and students in the subsequent editions.

First published in The Post print edition no 01399

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