Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Molyko Omnisport Stadium Gets 3,200 Seats 

By Basil K Mbuye

The Molyko Omnisport stadium in Buea, Southwest Region, now has 3,200 seats that were recently installed.

It was initially stated that the stadium will have 2,500 seats, fortunately, it ended up having 700 seats added to it.

Recently, a technical handover took place which means the stadium is now open to public usage, while they await the official handover ceremony on a date yet to be announced.

Despite minor construction works still going on, the stadium will be home to Professional League One side, Union Sportive of Douala, who are believed to have applied to play their home matches there, according to reports.

Also, the lone Anglophone League One side, Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda, YOSA, will play her first home match in Buea against Unisport of Bafang, after their home ground in Mile 6, Nkwen-Bamenda, has been suspended.

Some Buea inhabitants believe that the hasty installation of seats in the Molyko Stadium is due to the upcoming Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, which is to take place on February 25.

So far, the dressing rooms, offices, media centre, two giant television screens, cameras, among others, have all been put in place, giving the stadium 85 percent work completion rating. However, lights, athletic tracks, among others, are yet to be put in place.

Meantime, the fears of the population of Buea and the Southwest, in general, is that of maintenance and management of the stadium which has been a pertinent problem in Cameroon.

“The Molyko Omnisport Stadium now has a new and beautiful look. However, my worry is that of poor maintenance and management. In Cameroon, we have the problem of poor maintenance. In order to maintain the beauty of this infrastructure, it should have an annual budget for its maintenance,” Derick Tabi, a Buea resident observed.