Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Momo SDF Backs Hon. Mbah Ndam Presidential Bid 

By Chris Mbunwe

Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam

The entire SDF militants in Momo Division and delegates to the forthcoming SDF National Convention have backed Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam to floor other candidates to emerge as party flag bearer in this year’s Presidential election.

According to them, Hon. Mbah Ndam is a very experienced, bilingual, diplomatic and level-headed politician.

Speaking in Batibo, Wednesday, January 31, Hon. Edna Mbah, MP for Mbengwi Central and the Batibo SDF District Chairman, Maurice Weriwum, who were before now, Mbah Ndam’s political foes, pledged to throw their weight on Mbah Ndam and support his presidential aspiration.

In this regard, Hon. Edna Mbah, urged the people of Batibo to massively register and vote for one of theirs. “Militants must register massively to vote for our candidate in the national elections so that our candidate takes over from President Biya. We are not going to boycott the upcoming elections.

So register massively on the electoral registers with ELECAM, because CPDM is praying hard for us to boycott. We disrupted Parliamentary sessions to press on for the House Speaker to table the Anglophone Problem on the agenda, but he refused. In doing this, we were sending dangerous signals to the Biya regime to understand that trouble awaits him and his lackeys,” the MP averred.

On his part, the SDF District Chairman for Batibo, Maurice Weriwum, said Batibo people have mended their cracks and resolved to stand as one man.

The SDF Divisional Coordinator for Momo, thanked Momo Parliamentarians and Mayors for their continuous financial and material support to party activities.

Before declaring his intention to run as President, Hon. Mbah Ndam said the SDF was founded by Ni John Fru Ndi, Albert Womah Mukong and others to address the Anglophone Problem. “Fru Ndi and Albert Mukong wrote to the Queen of England asking her to bring us out of this mess, but the Queen said to break away from La Republique will not be easy.

So, they were advised to form a political party and press their points on a two States Federation. That is where the SDF is today. “If there is no Federation, this fight will continue. CPDM has been vomited by the people especially those of the Southwest and Northwest Regions and so we should takeover in a smooth manner,” Mbah Ndam.

To the National Assembly Vice President, as MP with immunity, he will fight to the last drop of his blood to liberate his people.

On his Presidential ambition, Mbah Ndam said: “Our National Chairman is manifesting his intention not to stand as a Presidential candidate; as such I am putting in my candidature.”
His declaration was received with thunderous applauses.

He said there are going to be two National Conventions, an Extra-Ordinary Convention this month. The Extra-Ordinary shall see the designation of the SDF Presidential candidate, while the Ordinary will vote candidates into the National Executive Committee, NEC.