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More Bone Surgery Patients Booked For 2010 

By Rolantine Nwanjang & Stephane Talla Nebott*

An 11-man team of US surgeons, who recently operated on 27 patients at the Buea Regional Hospital Annex, have booked more patients for next year.

Surgical equipment previously held at Douala Port

The surgeons had to stop operations on Wednesday 15 due to lack of necessary equipment.
"The surgeons started the operation with the equipment they had. The second day, they ran out of equipment. They were hoping that the container, which had the equipment they were planning to use for bone surgery, would have been out soon as they would have loved, since the operation was to end on July 20. But unfortunately it didn’t work that way," said the Director of the Hospital, Dr. Victor Mbome Njie.

In our edition No. 01069 of Friday, July 17, 2009, we reported that the Douala Ports Authority refused, for unknown reasons, to clear equipment shipped in by the US surgeons. Thus, the team led by Cameroonian-born Dr. Sixthus Atabong, postponed the weeklong operation that was programmed for the Buea Regional Hospital Annex.

However, The Post learnt that those who benefited from the operation this year were mostly patients with minor surgeries and hernias, and only thanks to some equipment the surgeons left over in Muyuka last year. Dr. Njie said more people would benefit from the operations next year, hoping that the number will increase since they don’t envisage any problem in the clearing of surgical equipment from the Port of Douala.

"We had about 150-160 patients who came in for screening and those who were not operated on this year would hopefully be seen next year," Njie said. He added that the surgeons, before their departure, advised home doctors on how to manage those who have been operated on. At press time, The Post learnt that the equipment previously held at the Douala Port had been released and were transported to the Buea Regional Hospital Annex.

(UB Journalism Students On Internship)

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