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Motion of Support Sparks Hostility Between Yang, Atanga Nji 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

The rise of militancy in the CPDM party has brought out the prospect of mistrust, back-stabbing, arrogance and disrespect among members.

In this climate of quarrels that seems to permeate the party, Prime Minister Philemon Yang has reportedly picked a bone of contention with Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Paul Atanga Nji.

The fact that Yang and Atanga are at loggerheads is a matter of special interest, given that, earlier, Yang was at variance with sacked Minister of Arts of Culture, Ama Tutu Muna.
Ama Tutu was dropped from Government in a shake-up on October 2, 2015, apparently due to what was widely seen as her flagrant disrespect of the Prime Minister who hails from the Northwest Region like her.
However, this time around, the friction between Yang and Atanga is not about Government business; it is political.

In December 2105, the National Chairman of the CPDM, Paul Biya, appointed Yang the Northwest Regional Coordinator of the party. Today, Yang is accusing Atanga of gross disrespect of him as CPDM Regional Coordinator.

Atanga is former President of the now defunct Mezam II CPDM Section.
Not long after Yang was appointed Northwest CPDM Coordinator, Atanga seemed to forget that the PM has far too big a footprint in the public domain.

As soon as some CPDM elite started calling for Biya to run at the next Presidential election, Atanga did not wait for the Northwest CPDM Coordinator to rally the Northwest elite to join the bandwagon. Rather, he came up with a motion of support for Biya’s candidature.

The motion of support dated January 30, 2016, was purportedly adopted at the end of a meeting that held at the Bamenda Congress Hall and signed by a handful of Northwest CPDM elite led by Atanga.
One of the purported signatories, Councillor Paul Achoubang, had been appointed Director of the Bamenda Congress Hall by Atanga when he was Mezam I CPDM Section President. Worse still, the names of Yang and other prominent Northwest CPDM elite were not on the list.

Yang, who was taken off guard by the motion of support, reportedly became furious with Atanga.
It is reported that some CPDM officials in Bamenda supporting Yang, met the Northwest Governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, and informed him that no meeting had held at the Bamenda Congress Hall chaired by Atanga to adopt a motion of support to President Biya.

To counter Atanga’s motion of support, Yang reportedly organised a meeting on February 27, 2016 in Bamenda bringing together Northwest CPDM elite that formally called on Biya to be candidate at the next presidentialelection.

Secret Meeting

Outside the Yang-Atanga row, the monthly meeting of Yaounde-based Northwest CPDM elite, which Yang hosted, was transformed into an evaluation meeting of the February 27, 2016, event that held in Bamenda.
The meeting held on March 8, 2016, and a source told The Post that Yang wanted to humiliate Atanga, apparently to teach him a lesson.

The source said Atanga himself sensed that something was amiss when he arrived at the meeting and saw the new President of Mezam IB CPDM Section (Bamenda II), Cletus Anye Matoya, who is also the Northwest Delegate of Commerce, and the President of the Mezam IC CPDM Section (Bamenda III), Martin Ngangte, both of whom are based in Bamenda and Douala, respectively.

Atanga was said to have questioned the presence of the two Bamenda CPDM Section Presidents at a meeting of Yaounde-based Northwest CPDM elite.

The Prime Minister reportedly tried to justify their presence on the fact that Bamenda played host to the February 27 event, and it was rational for the host CPDM Section Presidents to be present at the evaluation meeting.

Atanga was further unconvinced with Yang’s explanation, especially when he could not justify why the President of Mezam IA CPDM Section (Bamenda IA), Peter Ngwa Taniform, known to have good relationship with Atanga, was not at the meeting.

Atanga-Matoya Clash
Philomon Yang

The Post learnt that, at one point at the meeting, Yang docked Atanga and the two Section Presidents to explain what was happening. Not long afterwards, a war of words erupted between Atanga and Matoya, former close collaborators. Ngangte reportedly joined Matoya’s side, and it became a two-against-one war of bitter exchanges.

One of the bones of contention between Atanga and Matoya has to do with Atanga who is said to be lobbying for the post of Mezam Divisional Coordinator of the CPDM.

It is said Atanga argues that since the former Mezam I CPDM Section has been split into three, it would be unfair for one of the Section Presidents to occupy that office.
He says the office should be reserved for the new Mezam CPDM Coordinator, who is still to be appointed by the National Chairman of the party.

On the other hand, Matoya, with Yang’s backing, argues that he is the right person to occupy the office of the former President of the Mezam I CPDM Section at the Bamenda Congress Hall, since the hall is in his area, Bamenda II.

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