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MP Devotes Micro Grants To Basic Education 

By Walter Wilson Nana & *Kimboline Ngoh

The Member of Parliament, MP, for Buea Urban constituency, Hon. Arthur Ekeke Lisinge, has made his maiden outing since becoming MP after the 2013 elections. At the ceremony held on the premises of Cameroon OIC, Buea, August 13, the MP declared that he will focus his Parliamentary grants on basic education.

According to Lisinge, it is critical to develop the child to be a better adult. “This is a sector that cannot be neglected. We have to contribute to the education of our children and lay the foundation for the future of our country. Educating the child is not giving him/her fish but teaching them how to fish and fend for him/herself in future,” he said.

Lysinge indicated that he has started a long journey with the Basic Education sector of Buea Subdivision, adding that it will be a yearly affair and the schools that have not received benches and didactic materials for the 2014/2015 academic year, will have theirs subsequently, as his five-year mandate unfolds.

He invited the head teachers of nursery and primary schools in Buea Subdivision to come along with him, saying that they should also make a list of their problems so that he can forward them for possible solutions in the corridors of power in Yaounde. Though Basic Education is his focus, Lisinge mentioned that he will also give assistance to the social and medical sectors, hinting on refurbishing some health facilities in his constituency; making available beds, providing electricity and other social amenities.

On his political agenda for Buea Urban, the CPDM MP said he benefitted from the votes of a heterogeneous community to get to the Parliament so, all the voices must be heard.  “The Buea Urban Constituency is a complicated one, with all shades of opinion. This is a very educated community. Representing them in the Parliament is a big challenge. With the contributions of all the stakeholders, I will be able to adequately carry their aspirations in the course of my mandate.”

On behalf of the 45 beneficiary nursery and primary schools in the Buea Urban, Clara Nduma, head teacher of Government Primary School, Group II, Great Soppo promised to make good use of the materials donated for the 2014/2015 academic year and thanked the MP for thinking about the Basic Education sector and the development of the Cameroonian youth. Nduma described the support to their schools as timely.

The Inspector of Basic Education, Buea Subdivision, Magdalene Lysinge Limunga, described Hon. Lisinge as a visionary politician, remarking that his support to the basic education family is the promotion of quality education, teachers’ effectiveness in class and developing the minds of the younger generation.

She was corroborated by the Divisional Officer of Buea, Paul Wokam Kouam, who said the MP’s move is a source of happiness to the people. Kouam said education remains the backbone of every country’s development, while inviting parents, staff of schools and members of the community to take their responsibilities in the education of the child.

He told the head teachers to secure the benches and didactic materials provided them and the entire structures of their respective institutions. Hon. Lisinge was accompanied in this outing by fellow MP from Tiko Constituency, who is also a member of the CPDM party, Hon. Fritz Etoke.

*(National Polytechnic Student On Internship)

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