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MTN Contributes To Treatment Of Kidney Failure 

By Leocadia Bongben

The Mobile Telephony Network, MTN Cameroon, as part of its social responsibility, donated a haemodialysis room to the Yaounde Central Hospital in a bid to support the treatment of kidney failure.

Patients would now have greater access to haemodialysis – a process of filtering blood artificially. The haemodialysis room was inaugurated last week by the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, MTN General Manager, Philippe Vandebrouck and Deputy Director, who doubles as Executive Secretary of MTN Foundation, Jean-Claude Ottou.

The donation of MTN Foundation worth FCFA 75.9 million comprises the haemodialysis room equipped with three dialysis generators and their accessories for the treatment of kidney failure. Kidney failure is a serious disease that crops up from the kidney’s inability to purify blood; eliminate toxic and chemical wastes.

This situation results from complications of diabetes and hypertension and, when this happens, the kidney cannot work properly. Normally, the kidney filters about a litre of blood every minute, 1/5 of the quantity of blood pumped by the heart. But, due to kidney failure, elements of metabolism and excess water find limited access in urine and get accumulated in the blood flow.

Haemodialysis, experts say, is a medical solution in the treatment of kidney failure which is to filter blood artificially and return it to the body. Haemodialysis is a delicate and onerous procedure that last for four hours and has to be repeated at least thrice a week. In Cameroon, it is estimated that about 10 000 people suffer from kidney failure with about 300 new cases annually.

The huge demand for haemodialysis at the Yaounde Central Hospital, with only ten dialysis generators, has been a challenge for patients to receive the treatment within the stipulated time. It was against this background that MTN foundation found it necessary to offer a dialysis room to the hospital in a bid to contribute to the health needs of the community, Ottou said.

Ottou appreciated the work of all the staff of the hospital and announced the training of the personnel for an adequate utilisation of the equipment. MTN Foundation, the first to be created by a Cameroonian enterprise, Ottou said, has been contributing in the domains of culture, health, environment and community development, amongst others.

In the domain of health, he identified the donation of 13 000 treated mosquito nets, treatment for 5 000 HIV/AIDS patients  every year from 2007 at the Yaounde Central Hospital, the construction of a specialised unit for sickle cell anaemia at the Douala Laquintine Hospital and, free vaccination campaigns, amongst others.

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