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Muna Foundation Presents Budding Musical Group 

By Marriane Tabi Enow* — The Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation recently presented the band; MOR’EH’, in their debut album entitled “MBOA” at the Foundation’s auditorium in Yaounde. MOR’EH, which means “vapour” in Baboute (a Cameroonian local language), is the materialisation of an original idea developed by Barrister Akere Muna.

The band of six with Steve Ndzana (drummer), Thierry Sandio (pianist), Gabriel Mayo (guitarist), Jean-Paul Lietche(bass guitarist), Annette (lead vocalist) and Michele (background vocalist), have been working for several years and their tours across France, Belgium, Spain, and Slovakia have brought them into the limelight.

Barrister Akere told the audience that the first invitation for MOR’EH came in 2005, when they composed a song called “Transparency’s Conscience Call”, a song intended to give a soundtrack to Transparency International’s anti-corruption drive.

He said due to the success of the collaboration, MOR”EH was invited by Transparency International to perform in Germany. Since then, the band has been the musical attraction at the US Embassy on several occasions. The musical group’s goal of promoting Cameroonian culture on the global scale is in line with the S. T. Muna Foundation’s objective of conserving culture.

Created in 2002 after the death of Honorable S. T. Muna, the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation offers a platform where Cameroonian artists can express and present their materials to the public in order to promote, preserve and encourage indigenous cultures and arts.

In line with this, the Foundation has given a forum for musical groups like MACASE and now MOR’EH to showcase the Cameroonian culture in music. MBOA was recorded at the S. T. Muna Foundation studios housed at the Foundation headquarters in Yaounde.

*(IRIC Student On Perfection Course)

First published in The Post print edition no 01389

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