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Musinga Drama Group International Thrills Schools 

By Azore Opio

It has been nearly six months since Musinga Drama Group International, MDGI, leapt back on stage. And truly, it has been a roller coaster ride full of thrills and chills and laughs for audiences in the Southwest Region.

Musinga (R) in one of his hilarious scenes

MDGI dazzled Catholic secondary schools with "Lily"; seven in Buea, two Mission schools in Kumba; with two shows at the University of Buea, 14 shows in all after the Grand Festival.
 "Lily" weaves the tale of a slatternly and super-aware girl working the sex line in a sex-crazed society. The story follows Lily and her exploits with an enchanting score both mirthful and enlightening with an effective juxtapose of jarring and inspirational imagery.

Dr. Frida Mbunda of the University of Buea Literature Department, is always suitably upbeat as the voracious beauty who hooks wealthy men and finds spurious ways of exploiting them.
The trip has been indeed long, it has been indeed a bumpy one but it has been a great.

The author of more than 60 plays and founder of Musinga Drama Group International, Victor Elame Musinga, despite managing the group on a boot string budget, is unshaken in purpose.
"The importance of laughter in our lives, encouraging the youngsters to believe in and follow their dreams, is what we are out to achieve," says the Founder/Director, "we have started all over again, alive with experience and we have enjoyed enthusiastic reception.

From the echoes, however, the people were disappointed at the long recess, but they are following us very keenly." MDGI is moving towards its set goal to reawaken the Cameroonian society to theatre and drama and revive Cameroon drama to conserve the culture, reshape the society morally as well as educate and entertain.

"Once we have reawakened society, then we sustain drama," says Musinga. Besides stage performance that MDGI will kick off again once in a moon at the Alliance Franco Camerounais, AFC, Buea, the group has begun shooting the celebrated "Mr. Director" for a TV serials. "Mr. Director" brings into sharp focus the poignant corruption that Cameroon endures.

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