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Musinga Drama Group Int’l Honours SW Governor 

By Elvis Tah

The Musinga Drama Group International recently treated the Governor of the Southwest Region, Koumpa Issa, to a thrilling rendition of the play "Immortal Koba Koba?"

Musinga in straw hat, thrilling Governor’s entourage

The play written by Victor Elame Musinga in the 60s, held the Governor and his entourage spellbound for an hour and half at the Alliance Franco Camerounaise, AFC, Buea. "I would like to say that I am satisfied with the Musinga Drama Group which gave us the opportunity to enjoy what they presented to us. I thank them for inviting and honouring me, that is why I accepted to be their patron.

"My presence here should be understood as encouraging culture and I will like to call on each and everybody to participate in the promotion of culture because culture is very important for the development of our region," said Koumpa.  He added that culture is important in a region like the Southwest because it attracts visitors to the region’s vast tourist sites like Mt. Cameroon, the sea, the zoo and so on.

"I am launching an appeal to the living forces of this region to encourage culture by attending cultural forums like this instead of spending time drinking beer and destroying the body in off-licences," Koumpa said.  As civil servant, the Governor said they are out to promote social and cultural development. He congratulated and thanked all those who are behind the group, assuring them that he will do his best as Patron of the group.

The Governor called on economic operators to invest in culture and build a hall for cultural activities. Dr. Roselyn Jua, Vice Dean Academic Affairs and Planning at the University of Buea, praised the Musinga Drama Group members for their talents, stating that whenever Musinga is on stage, people will leave whatever thing they are doing just to come and enjoy the splendour of theatre.

An enchanted spectator, Dr. Thomas Njock of the Faculty of Science, University of Buea, said, "I have known the Musinga Drama Group for a very long time. When I was in High School in CCAST Bambili, the group always came there to stage and the group gave me a lot of inspiration, it gave the impression of what a drama group ought to be and has to be, that is why I have always loved the Musinga Drama Group." Koba Koba was played by Victor Elame Musinga and his wife ‘Tumasi’, played by Dr. Frida Mbunda of the University of Buea; Njanga, the faithful servant was played by Embola.

Meanwhile, Azore Opio of The Post played the lover boy, who chats Tumasi up as she heads for the market and momentarily turns her head. The scenario provides a comic relief for the rather bizarre finale where Charly Ndi Chia, The Post Editor-In-Chief, acting the policeman, has to effect an arrest for murder.

Koba Koba is a divine healer, fulfilled a prophecy that his beloved wife would take his life as he attempted to renew his life by dying and resurrecting.

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