Sunday, October 25, 2020
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My Dear Ngwa, — I wish you and your family all that you have been wishing in this New Year 2014. May all the seeds you have been sowing, and nurturing, mature and blossom in this year of our Lord 2014.

One of the things, I am sure you have been wishing for, as far as I know you, is the celebration of th Reunification of the Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun in Buea, as promised by your man, the Lion Man. Normally, going by your party and your regime’s modus operandi, you would have made a lot of money through mission allowances from Yaounde to Buea and other petit contracts. Unfortunately, your man has disappointed even you, including all others like you who put in place “gros plans” to cash in on the event.

Ni Ngwa, even in his old year, nay, end of year – or is it his New Year, speech – he did not even mention the Reunification celebration, while Buea and the Southwest Region and sitting on their tenterhooks, waiting, waiting and waiting. Going by his speech, he himself has not fixed the date when he is coming? His proconsul here in the Southwest Province has been arguing that the projects meant for the celebration are complete. Yet, he cannot tell us the date the celebration will take place, or better put, the date your man will visit to officiate the event.

Meantime, heads of education institutions, I hear, took the numbers of parents of pupils and students who were rehearsing to march on that day, so that they would call them to send their children if the man suddenly announces that he is coming. In his address, your man rather boasted on security, peace and stability reigning in Cameroon, when its neighbours are all in crisis. Well, he has a right to boast about that.  He is understandably right, because, almost all the countries surrounding us have experienced one kind of instability, or the other, in the past years.

Chaos or instability or outright war has come so close, but has, mysteriously, not affected our country. But that is what used to be said about Ivory Coast, until what happened, happened. May be it is because we swallow just everything, unlike the others. Nevertheless, while every other country around us is facing one kind of crisis or another, they are developing; meanwhile we have been stagnating, or, better still, retrogressing.

Ngwa, the things that have been happening since Southern Cameroons forebears made that statement in Foumban in 1961: “How nice is it for us to meet our brothers again,” are unenviable. I hear the bill board at the Douala Airport now bears only the French: Aéroport International de Douala. The English version: Douala International Airport, has been wiped off, I hear. Could you verify that for me?

One of our pillars of secondary and higher education and sports has collapsed. I am talking about Mr. Francis Yong. He has travelled to the world beyond without living the merry of the Cup of Cameroon which was grabbed barely a week ago by his children of Yong Sports academy, YOSA. This is a great loss.

I hope neither the club nor his schools will follow him like did the establishments of Nangah Company Limited, Kilo Brothers, Neba Automobile, among others, that used to be the economic fortresses of the West Cameroon. In the meantime, most Southern Cameroonians are calling for an AAC III in Buea. What do you think? Is this the propitious moment for that kind of thing? If you think so, tell me.

French Priest who was kidnapped and taken hostage was released. His Master’s voice transformed his release to something close to ‘The People’s Call’, only this time around they did not ask Prof Ngolle2 to comment launch or comment on it. I am waiting anxiously for answers to the questions I have raised. I hope you would be more communicative in this New Year.
 Cheers! May you have everything you want in this New Year.
Sincerely, Ngwa

First published in The Post print edition no 01493