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Mysterious Fire Guts The Post Newspaper Office In Bamenda 

The Post Bureau consummed by fire

The Post Bureau consummed by fire

The building hosting the Northwest Regional Office of The Post Newspaper was August 28, razed by a mysterious fire.

Even though the cause of the fire has not been ascertained, technicians are of the opinion that the incident might have been provoked by electricity, since the building went up in flames immediately electricity was restored back to the city.

Neighbours and passers-by tried in vain to rescue the building from the inferno.

Meanwhile, the Army rescue unit of Mulang only arrived when the fire has completely engulfed the building.

The Land Lord of the building, Hon. Daniel Attia, has ordered for an investigation into the real cause of the fire and for an inventory to be taken on all items destroyed.

The Publisher/Executive Editor of The Post Newspaper, Francis Wache, who was informed of the incident, rushed to the scene the following day.

He described the damage as “colossal and immeasurable, both in material and documentation. Needless to say that what has happened today will cripple the Bamenda Bureau for now,” Wache remarked.

Despite the colossal damage, Wache sounded optimistic that The Post Management will take remedial measures to make sure that the Bureau functions to its optimum, so as to continue serving its readers with the paper of their choice.

The SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, also visited the scene to avail himself of what happened and encouraged the staff of The Post to take temporal measures before rehabilitation work on the building begins.

Another politician who visited The Post Newspaper after the incident was the National Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Bochong Elhadj Lawan Bako.

According to him, “it’s a great lost, but with our prayers, everything will be fine,” Bako noted.
Meanwhile, Charles Awemo, a neighbour to The Post whose office suffered enormous damages, thanked neighbours who reacted promptly and contained the fire from spreading to other buildings.

Another victim of the fire disaster, Vera Moh, who had just equipped her shop with school items ahead of the next school year said, “I am downcast because all the uniforms, school bags and other items that I just bought have been completely consumed by the fire. I only arrived when the whole shop has been reduced to ashes,” she said.

By Ann Christine Nkwain & Emmanuel Vukugah(NPB Journalism Students On Internship)

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