Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Mysterious Goats Chase Teachers, Principal Out Of School Campus 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Photo used for illustrative purpose

Photo used for illustrative purpose

The Principal of Government High School, GHS, Bekondo in Mbonge Sub Division, Southwest Region, Chief Eseme Mbonji, has revealed that stray and mysterious goats have hindered the smooth functioning of classes in the past few weeks.

Eseme Mbonjio raised the worry on Friday December 2, during the 2017 budgetary session of the Mbonge Council.

According to the Principal, stray goats have hindered the work of teachers. He explained that each time teachers struggle to write on the board, goats flood the entire campus and disrupt learning.

He appealed to the Mayor of Mbonge to take measures and bring the situation under control. The traditional ruler told reporters that his school has become a place where goats are reared.

He asserted that in an attempt to fence the school with barb wires, his hands have been wounded.

Responding to the Principal’s worry, the Mayor of Mbonge, Chief Daniel Mata Mokambe, said urgent measures will be taken to ensure that the school campus is safe for learning.
Report Embezzlement

Speaking at the session, the Second Assistant Prefect for Meme, Nelson Yonkhuma Gamsi, urged the council staff to report any trace of embezzlement to the competent authorities.

The Assistant Prefect said the Mayor and his collaborators must champion the fight against embezzlement and other malpractices that could derail Government development drives through councils.

Besides urging the council to roll back embezzlement, the administrator urged council executive to motivate council staff in a bid to stimulate output.

To the Assistant SDO, if such measures are put in place, Government will not shift its focus to seeing that the population of Mbonge feel the impact of every franc spent on development.

Yongkhuma urged the Mayor to strictly follow up the execution of projects in the municipality to enable the population reap the benefits in due course.

In the transport sector, the Assistant Prefect said actions must be accelerated to ensure that a park at the Mbonge Junction and other motor parks within the municipality see the light of day.
FCFA 1.54 Billon For 2017

Meanwhile, councillors deliberated and adopted a budget of over FCA 1.54 billion for the Mbonge Council in 2017.

Justifying the estimates, the Mayor said, 40 percent of the budget will be used on investment projects.
Chief Mokambe said renewed focus will be on the provision of potable water, electricity, roads and access to health care services.

According to the municipal authority, focus will also be on the promotion of education.

In this light, Mokambe assured Councillors that schools within the municipality will be renovated, didactic materials stepped up and partial scholarships offered to students.

Sporting activities also gained priority on the Mayor’s prospects for 2017.

In line with current Government decision, the Mayor said other social groups such as persons living with disabilities have been earmarked for council support.