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NACDA Elects New Exco This Week-end 

By Francis Tim Mbom — Members of Ndong Awing Cultural and Development Association, NACDA, head to Bafoussam, West Region, Saturday, June 15, to elect a new executive bureau.
 The election is top on the agenda of a mid-year General Assembly.

Powered by prominent development movers from Awing like Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, Professor Paul Mbangwana and Joseph Penanje aka Joe Corner Water, sons and daughters of Awing shall congregate in Bafoussam to either renew the mandate of their current President, Peter Ntsonkefo’o Akote or vote someone else. Peter Akote took over the reigns of NACDA from Ntumfor Nico Halle who had helped in bringing electricity at the cost of over FCFA 200 million to Awing.

Since he took over three years ago, Akote has also taken the development lever in Awing to a higher level. In the last three years, Akote and his executive transformed the Awing Fon’s Palace into a modern and enviable place with new structures and architectural designs. Through the efforts of his executive, Awing got a new hospital structure built by the Government and equipped by NACDA.

Thanks to his strong connection with some embassies and the Rotary Club, Awing got grants for water projects from the Swiss and German Embassies; schools got free book offers, computers and the construction of toilets from the benevolent gesture of Rotary friends from Canada. The successful organisation of the NACDA Golden Jubilee in Awing last November was enough proof of how Akote’s Presidency was a success.

“Now, as we talk, our Rotary friends from Canada through the efforts of Rotarian Pete Smith are presently packaging a 20-foot container destined for the Awing Sub Divisional Hospital with medical equipment and accessories worth over FCFA 30 million,” Akote hinted The Post.
He said his past three years have been very successful except for the fact that they have not succeeded to have all the quarters in Awing connected with electricity.

He said he was especially thankful to the Fon of Awing, HRM, Fon Fozo’O II, his fellow executive members, the Awing women and especially, too, the support that has been coming from all the Awing sons and daughters in the Diaspora such as in the North America.

First published in The Post print edition no 01437

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