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NAGCAM Yaounde Elects New President 

By Jude Fuhnwi — Grace Njoya is the new President of the Yaounde branch of the recently reorganised National Actors’ Guild of Cameroon, NAGCAM. The veteran actress was voted into at an election which took place at the premises of Government Bilingual High School, GBHS, Etoug-Ebe, on Saturday, November 30.

Njoya’s grabbed 52.6 percent of the votes, defeating her rival, Ivo Asafor, in a highly contested election that ended late at night and which was almost blemished by controversies at the beginning. “It is a mandate of “New Vision”, the beginning of change. We have been crying and nobody heard our voice. Now is the time,” said Njoya.

Njoya attracted a round of thunderous applause when she noted that she will immediately get into action by calling for an executive meeting to organize an enlarged meeting of all actors resident in Yaounde. “Yaounde is the heart of the nation and the base of the national president of NAGCAM. We have all the potentials to compete even with other countries. It is time for us to sell our rich culture,” she said.

Meanwhile, Asafor, was apparently dissatisfied with the outcome of the elections. “It is an election. There must be a winner but they should not be excited. I only hope they will be up to the task,” he said, adding that “are all members of the old bureau who abandoned meetings before we took up the initiative to run the activities of the guild.” To him, it was unfair for his list not to be voted, for, he and his team had worked so hard to keep the guild in Yaoundé alive.

“They should be up to the task, calling only meetings is boring. They should organise activities,” Asafor said. Njoya takes over from Pascal Moma Gami, voted National President of NAGCAM in October this year. Moma was at the helm of the Actors’ Guild for five years and at the time, the guild was referred to as the Cameroon Actors Guild, CAMAG.

Saturday’s election was coordinated by the National Technical Adviser of the Cameroon Film Industry, CFI, Billy Bob Ndive. “I tried my best to see that democracy triumphs. No election is always small and people have said we are better than ELECAM. We are happy; all is well that ends well,” said Ndive. Meanwhile, election observers from the Board of Directors of CFI also acclaimed the polls for respecting the democratic principle of fairness.

“It was free and fair although we almost had some hitches at the beginning but it all went on well. We appreciate the participants for this mature behavior” said Cameroonian movie celebrity, Solange Yirjika. On his part, NAGCAM National President, Moma, urged Njoya and her team to be committed and work for the interest of actors by protecting them from exploitation by producers and other major players in the movie production chain.

Moma reminded the new team to canvass funds for NAGCAM by urging members and aspirants to pay their registration fees which stand at FCFA 35,000 for new members and FCFA 20,000 for old ones. Meanwhile, Pascal Moma will be officially installed as NAGCAM National President on Saturday, December 7 at Azam Hotel in Bamenda. The Minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, will preside at the installation ceremony.

First published in The Post edition no 01485

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