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National Employment Fund Employees Sign Code of Conduct 

By Petronella Njuh Yuo* — Employees of the National Employment Fund, NEF, have signed a code of conduct that compels them to ensure best practices in the discharge of their duties.
They signed the document at the NEF head office in Yaounde on July 18. NEF General Manager, Camille Mouté a Bidias, said all employees of the NEF participated in the elaboration of the moral code, which was deliberated and adopted on April 30 and was officially launched on July 18.

The code is made up of four parts namely; work, colleagues, morals and the individual himself.
Regarding work, the NEF employee has to be productive – he or she needs to share global vision and the slogan of the company, which is: “Work a lot, well and fast. In that regard, be devoted and engaged to work, be faithful towards his/her company, respecting NEF’s rules and regulations, be reserved and observe the obligation of confidentiality.” On the subject of colleagues, the NEF employee has to be a source of progress for his/her colleagues with whom he/she has the obligation to maintain a courteous and friendly relationship.

In that view, he/she has to be polite with his/her professional entourage and also cultivate a team spirit, always ready to support his/her colleagues in their work. Concerning morals, the code provides that the NEF employee is compelled to be upright, honest and just in all circumstances. For that purpose, it is strictly forbidden to mint NEF services, or to take advantage of them for selfish purposes.

The NEF employee, therefore, has to avoid any embezzlement or attempt to misappropriate NEF funds and also the use for false documents. The NEF employee, according to the code, represents and conveys the image of NEF, inside as well as outside. Following this, he needs to live a healthy lifestyle and also to be curious by always trying to educate himself through reading, in order to acquire knowledge of national and international events.

While underlining the importance of NEF, the General Manager stated that it was tailored to promote employment, finance training of youth so that their skills correspond to the needs of the job market and also to make available information on job opportunities. Relating to this, the NEF boss informed the workers that the launching was taking place simultaneously in other regional branches of the organisation. “Personnel status is not the same as the code of conduct because the former borders on regulations while the later has no legal obligations,” he explained.

Harping on the objectives of the code, Mouté a Bidias said it was designed to ensure that all employees give quality services to the organisation by way of personal performance. The code of ethics, he went on, is more of an anti-corruption commission to its workers because it imposes a moral obligation on the workers to do what is right. Mouté a Bidias called on all the workers to remind their colleagues on all the code whenever they behave in a way that is contrary to the provisions of the document.

*(Siantou University Student On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01450

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