Friday, November 16, 2018
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NCHRF, UN Launch Political Rights Campaign 

By Elvis Tah

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment and the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, NCHRF, have launched a nationwide campaign to sensitise Cameroonians on their political and civil rights. The campaign began with a sensitisation of some youth, who were later tasked to go out and sensitise the public on the subject matter.

NCHRF SW Secretary, Tambe Tiku (in suit) and Youths ready to sensitise the public

In the Southwest Region, the sensitisation campaign started on Tuesday, May 24, at the NCHRF Secretariat in Buea, where young civil society activists and students were schooled and subsequently sent out to spread the message.One of the campaigners, Stephen Song, a youth opinion leader, said the campaign is of prime importance because most citizens don’t know their civil and political rights.

"We want to encourage every Cameroonian of voting age who has never been convicted to be fully involved in the electoral process. They should all register and take part in the upcoming presidential election instead of staying behind and complain of bad government," he said.
The NCHRF Southwest Regional Secretary, Chris Tambe Tiku, said the programme is also aimed at encouraging women to participate in the political process.

"It is a fundamental human right for every citizen to take part in the political process of his or her country. This is a follow-up of an earlier programme that we had, which was to get the attitude of women with regards to their economic, social and cultural rights," he said. Tambe Tiku said the youth are also expected to post bills containing drawings, demonstrating people exercising their civic and political rights and also carrying messages of social inclusion and gender balance.

He said even though he is determined on his Presidential ambition, the campaign has no direct bearing with this ambition. "We are talking about the rights of every citizen to participate in the political process of this country, that is exactly the rights I had indicated two years ago and I still remain firm with my ambition as a Presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election," Tiku said.

Quizzed on what the NCHRF and UN are doing on the question of ELECAM which seems to constitute a bane in the electoral process in Cameroon, Tambe Tiku said NCHRF has nothing to do with ELECAM because ELECAM is a political outfit. "NCHRF has a defined mandate, which is to promote and protect human rights in Cameroon. The composition of ELECAM is entirely not the business of the commission," he said.

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