This information is contained in a press release published in Yaounde during the 11th edition of the National Employment Week that ran from February 4 to 7 at the Hilton Hotel.

Over the years, the National Employment Forum is organised with the Youth Week leading up to the commemoration of the National Youth Day every February 11. The release states that the new programme was the subject of a convention recently signed by the NEF and the German-based Zentralstelle Arbeitsvermoittlung (ZAV) and the World University Service (WUS).

Both institutions, the document notes, are specialised outfits in financial and technical support for socio-professional insertion. The programme has so far re-inserted 175 people into salaried and independent employment with over 100 of the beneficiaries coming back from Germany.

According to NEF, over 12,000 students from universities, high schools and colleges benefited from professional orientation while 156 others gained employment in 2008 as a result of professional orientation in public places. While highlighting that these programmes are geared at better preparing young people for the job market, the document further states that some 800 jobseekers benefit each year from initiation training into enterprises.

Other efforts by NEF includes the diploma-employment programme which via GICAM, where some 3,441 youths received pre-employment training. Through this forum, The Post learnt, about 1,700 youths are orientated each year for employment opportunities.

There is also the programme to support development in rural areas where some 34,878 people received training in the domain of agriculture and benefited employment opportunities.
NEF officials hold that in 2008, some 273,683 people were received, evaluated and orientated.
They also received 4,800 people from customer enterprises, 558,862 people were trained and ready for the job market while they facilitated the employment of some 128,288 people.

NEF also claims to have financed 32,313 projects and generated some 55,473 employment opportunities. The National Employment Week in Yaounde was marked by discussion forums, debates and visits to enterprises.